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CNBLUE held the premium event for only 100 people on 21 April.

On that day,  lucky fans selected by lottery for those who downloaded Blind Love full ringtone at recochoku joined the event. The probability was 0.01. CNBLUE talked about the making Blind Love and world tour, then did special raffle.
They were talked about Jonghyun who firstly wrote the  lyrics of Blind Love by imagining Sakura and episode of Hayami Akari who appeared on the music video. About this tour (Blue Moon World Tour), they said “we want our fans could feel our feeling, so we practice hard and show it to them.” Also they shared about their enthusiasm as a musician. “We want to continue making songs and doing live, live in a such a way forever.”

In the raffle of sign, suddenly they added sign card, CNBLUE members directly handed over the card to the fans. They had  enjoyed communication with fans. Blind love will release on 24 April, and they will hold release event on 27 April.

Source entame.k-plaza.

Trans by May @cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


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