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Ticket Pia News AJ Sato Takeru & CNBLUE Yonghwa Cover Page Special

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AJ on sale memorial special interview! Sato Takeru & Yonghwa(CNBLUE)

The young actor, Sato Takeru represents Japanese film and drama industry. Yonghwa is active as a vocalist of CNBLUE from Korea. We heard their thoughts in Asia.

Two artists are aimed to overcome Asia and Worldwide
“It’s important I let foreign people to know about Korea and music through CNBLUE.”

A vocalist of CNBLUE, Yonghwa also has worldwide action and popularity involving through Asia, even Europe. “Three years passed since we has debuted, in fact, I still have strange feeling about how  people around the world become liking  and welcome us. It’s strange I’m appeared  as cover with a Japanese star, Sato Takeru. But it’s pleased for me, I wish I would have a chance like this.”

As an actor, he had confirmed to appear on a new drama, his 3rd drama. He is spreading  his global action through acting too.

“Expression” gets into one’s heart over languages and boundaries.

“I’ll do my best to employ Japanese unique individuality and expression. I want people to know ‘Such a fellow is here'” (Sato Takeru) “I think our individuality, band style in K-pop and I want to make trends and sign-posts, mixing music we felt from several countries (the countries CNBLUE visiting during world tour and learn the local music). ” (Yonghwa)

A  common point from the  two young artists representing Japan and Korea, they are believe in expression over the difference of language. Certainly, its stance is catching heart of audience in Asia or Worldwide. Hereafter, we can’t keep our eyes off from them.


Trans by May @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


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