Because when CNBLUE meets Boice, it creates CNBOICE.

Release Event is Finished!!

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リリイベ無事終了!ファンミーティングも含め、最高に楽しかった。まさに感無量(T-T)別れが辛いね…でもメンバーも言ってたけど「またすぐ会えるか ら!」その言葉を胸にまた新たな一歩を踏み出しましょう!どんなに~離れても~♪お相手は鮎貝健でした!ありがとうございました(^^ゞ

Release event is finished! I really enjoyed both released event and fan meeting. Exactly,the feeling is quite deep  (T-T) It’s pretty hard to parting… But members (CNBLUE) said, ‘We can meet soon!’ We engrave this word in our mind, let’s take a step forward! Donnani~ hanaretemo~♪ (Blind Love lyrics… No matter how long we’re separete)  This is Ayugai Ken! Thank you.

Source tobyasmusiq

Trans by May @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


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