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Jung Yonghwa Sang ‘Airplane’, His Impromptu Song About Jungshin

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Yonghwa gave Jungshin his impromptu song ‘Airplane’ who told about Jungshin’s airplanephobia.

On 26 April, CNBLUE fan meeting was held at Tokyo International Forum. Yonghwa sang ‘Airplane'( lyrics by Yonghwa, music by Jonghyun) as they are commemorated that Japan 5th single was released. Yonghwa said about this song ‘I tried to express with ballad how Jungshin’s look that he was scared whenever the airplane is shake.’

Halfway  to the song, Minhyuk simply expressed Jungshin’s look when he was on airplane, and made audience laugh.

Yonghwa got much applause from the audiences, and he joked ‘I’m not afraid to make impromptu song from now on! I thought I’m genius when I made this song.’

Two impromptu songs composed by Yonghwa and Jonghyun were sung at fanmeeting in Osaka. One is ‘Sakura’ expressed everyone who wants to see cherry blossoms. Another was ‘muscle’ which was sung about muscle trained by sports. Ecpecially, Yonghwa was singing hotly ‘muscle’, and he boasted his muscle with other members, made fans crazy.

CNBLUE sang 5th single title song ‘Blind Love’ composed by Jonghyun and ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘Try again, Smile again’ composed by Yonghwa, and hit songs ‘Intuition’, ‘I’m loner’ and ‘Voice’.

‘The way part1~one time~’ ‘Kimio’ released at Japanese Indie market were presented to the fans as acoustic version.

After they finish activity in Japan, they will hold ‘2013 world tour blue moon’ on 4 May in Thailand.

Source TV Daily

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


One thought on “Jung Yonghwa Sang ‘Airplane’, His Impromptu Song About Jungshin

  1. I love this so much. A song about Jung-shins fear and Yong-hwas muscles. How great that must have been. And the fan meet….it looks packed like a concert. Thanks for the post.

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