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CNBLUE ‘Billboard isn’t Faraway Dream Yet’

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CNBLUE confirmed strong will about advance to billboard one more time.

blue moon hk prescon68

CNBLUE held interview for Hongkong media before their world tour concert ‘BLUE MOON’ on the 10th May.

Lee Jonghyun said with confidence ‘Before we joked we will go into billboard within 10 years, but it seems not to be faraway dream yet. The time set up as a goal gradually is getting shorter.’

Jung Yonghwa also said ‘When we thought dream to get rank 1 at billboard, we first laughed. But PSY seonbaenim became famous around the world. Even if we have a confidence wherever we go, it seems to be possible. We’re working hard thinking to develop our confidence.

Lee Jonghyun told his resolution ‘An advantage of band is the older, the cooler.’ ‘We are working hard for being able to hold press conference at times square (New York).’

CNBLUE hold their first world tour concert that started in Taiwan on 6th April. They already wrap up concerts in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand. Especially, the concerts in Hong Kong, by fans requests, they added encore concert. CNBLUE meet the total 14,000 fans. After this, they will continue the tour in Korea, Australia, Phillipine, China and Malaysia.

-The first world tour, what is your impression?

Yonghwa: At first, we was going to held only one concert, but by fans’s wishes encore concert was decided. Held two concert consecutively  are hard for us, but we control strength well and has completed until now. Please cheer on us!

Jungshin: Because of first world tour, we want to show a concert who has world class as the title world tour.

-Which country do you feel highest?

Yonghwa: We held concert in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand until now, it was great for me in all the venues. We hold concert in Hong Kong twice in this year, I felt that we do (the concert) at bigger venue this time, so fans (who came) increase. We did join concert before (KBS Music Bank), but this time is CNBLUE solo concert, so particularly I’m impress.

-In what point do you feel mature through several concerts and activities?

Minhyuk: Previously I didn’t have enough confort, but I can enjoy with members on the stage now. Whenever I feel so, I think growing up a little.

Jonghyun: At first I thought we have to  play well only and couldn’t deeply think what must do in a concert. Now I want audience to enjoy our concert. I’m deeply moved by such words ‘Thanks for CNBLUE, I learned the guitar.’

CNBLUE lead Hallyu not only by K-pop but also drama. What impact do you have by having both activities?

Yonghwa: Some of our fan loving us because of our music and the other knows us by watching our drama and start pay attention to our music.  I appreciate our fans who come through our activities in drama. But CNBLUE is a band who is playing music, so we will concentrate on music. If we emphasize on musical activities, even if we active at other area, I’m sure everyone become to like our music. (Yonghwa implied that music will always coming first)

-Which moment do you like the best during a concert?

Jungshin: In concert when I play my bass and closed my eyes, I think many things. I’m happy to be able to play with other lovely member every time.

Yonghwa: We held concert oversea last year and in Korea in end of the last year. Those were concert anticipated by fans and us. Through those concerts, I felt that union of our fans and us seems to become stronger. I was deeply impressed. We will do concert in Korea soon, I’m looking forward to it.

Source starin.edaily

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


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