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“CNBLUE is Back”…CNBLUE Heat Up the Night in Hong Kong

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“CNBLUE is Back”… CNBLUE heat up the night in Hong Kong

bm hk stage20

‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ ended successfulty. About 7,000 fans had high ‘excitement’ night.

CNBLUE (Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin) ornately embroidered the night in Hong Kong.

CNBLUE held concerts ‘2013 World Tour BLUE MOON’ at ‘Asia World Expo Arena’, which is the biggest venue in Hong Kong. The tickets of all 7,000 seats sold out by only 5 minutes. Encore concert on 10th was added by fans’ requests.

From an hour before concert starts, local fans took photos with CNBLUE members’ board prepared in front of the venue. Female fans between teens and twenties counted for most audience, but male fans wasn’t little as well.

bm hk stage22

It started at 8 pm, Lighting was getting brighter and CNBLUE present themselves with roared of their music. All fans stood up and shouted for excitedly. And CNBLUE appeared on the stage, fans’ shouts reached to the best.

CNBLUE showed passionate playing and playfuly performance at 3 songs ‘Where you are’ ‘Get away’ ‘One time’ who caught fans’ hearts. All fans sang and waving their sticklight.

5 songs ended in a row, Jung Yonghwa said ‘What’s up. Hong Kong. Finally, CNBLUE is back. Thank you for waiting. Are you guys having fun? So awesome. We are very happy to visit here.’

Next they continuously sang  ‘A man like me’, ‘Coffee shop’, ‘Have a good night’, ‘Wake up’ and so on. They have never showed tiredsome  and continued communications with fans. Lee Jungshin was deeply moved ‘Tonight is so fantastic night.’

After passionate playing, they sang ‘Love song’ with their sweet voice. CNBLUE showed warm songs such as ‘Love light’, ‘Feeling’, ‘These days’, ‘Y, why’, and audience concentrated to listen to their songs.

CNBLUE brings atmosphere with Rock’n’roll stage as they played 4 Rock’n’roll  songs ‘LaLaLa’, ‘Just please’, ‘Tattoo’, ‘In my head’. Flame broke out on the stage with heated atmosphere, fans shouted much more.

Next they presented fans hit songs ‘Intuition’ ‘A loner’ ‘I’m sorry’ and so on. All lighting were turned off, fans shouted ‘Encore!!’ and waited CNBLUE. While CNBLUE was ready to encore songs, CNBLUE image was broadcasted on big screen and fans shouted for joy once again.

bm hk stage21

This day, a surprised party was held for birthday of Lee Jonghyun. Other members sang happy birthday song, and fans also sang and celebrated him with card written in Korean. Jonghyun was deeply moved and given flowers and cake by other members.

CNBLUE sang ‘Hey you’, ‘Love girl’, ‘Heartstrings’, ‘Love’, ‘Try again Smile again’for encore stage ang bring the concert to an end.

Kang Minhyuk said ‘I really want to come back and perform again. I promise!’ Yonghwa promised ‘I can’t forget tonight. Thank you for your appreciate. Thank you for your waiting. Tonight is very special. Thank you very much! See you!’

Well, CNBLUE held two concerts ‘BLUE STORM’ in Hong Kong in January 2012. All tickets of 8,000 seats sold out, so they proved big popularity in Hong Kong. Not only in the past and this time, especially concerts in Hong Kong, when all of the tickets sold out by short of the time and another concert was added to the list.

bm hk stage23

Source nocutnews

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


Author: tara lee

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