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The FNC Magazine Volume 2 Preview

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the fnc2

 드디어 the FNC No.02가 나왔

“Finally the FNC No.02 was published!”

the fnc2.1the fnc3

No.02 살~짝 미리보여드릴게요! #FT아일랜드 ‘널 좋아해’ #씨엔블루 ‘커피&수다’, #주니엘 ‘주니엘 다이어리’, 연기자 #설현, #송은이 ‘여행’..조금더 풍부해진 The FNC

“A little glimpse we show it to you in advance! #FTISLAND ‘I love you’ #CNBLUE ‘Coffee and talk’ #JUNIEL ‘Juniel diary’ Actress #Seolhyun , #SongEunie ‘Trip’ .. became rich a little, The FNC!”


Source the fnc

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded


Author: tara lee

Author @StorialCo and AsianFanfiction. Founder Mr. Galaxy Fanfan House and CNBOICE, co Admin @Indonesianboice. Find my books The Stars | In Between | Through the Lens | Burning Melody at Find me @lanhudiee

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