Because when CNBLUE meets Boice, it creates CNBOICE.

Star Talk – CNBLUE interview @ H.K J2 Entertainment News



MC: Today is very happy to have CNBLUE to have a talk with me.Hello!

YongHwa: Hello everyone, We’re CNBLUE!

MC: I’m Huang Xiao Ming (Her name), Nice to meet you! Firstly, let them introduce themselves.

(All introduce themselves in Cantonese with Cantonese name)

JungShin: I’m JungShin!

JongHyun: I’m JongHyun!

YongHwa: I’m YongHwa!

Minhyuk: I’m MinHyuk!

Narration: CNBLUE debuted in Japan in 2009, went back to Korea in 2010 for further development. Leader Jung Yong Hwa, Guitarist Lee Jong Hyun, Bassist Lee Jung Shin and lastly, Drummer Kang Min Hyuk. Beside musical interactions, they also participated in several dramas. It let them to be famous among Asia countries. This time they came Hong Kong again for concert, both concert are full, this shows how famous they are.

MC: What is your impression about Hong Kong?

JungShin: Speaking of Hong Kong, I’ll think of enthusiastic boices. Plus today upon reaching the airport, there are already a lot of boice there to welcome us. Although we did not see everyone,but we’re still very thankful. Everytime we come here, you always welcome us, we’re really thankful.

JongHyun: We already heard of the good news before coming to Hong Kong. There will be 2 concert in Hong Kong. Because of receiving loads of love from fans, we’re really blessed/happy. That’s why today our footsteps are very light. I believe when we’re  depart, we’ll still be happy as well.

YongHwa: Hm.. HongKong.. I’ve came here before to film Running Man . That time we went to quite a few places. That’s why I wish to come Hong Kong again. I feel like riding on the cable car once more.

MinHyuk: Everytime we come to HongKong, we always had interesting memories due to the enthusiastic boices. This time there will be 2 concert, therefore I’m very excited and looking forward to coming Hong Kong. We’re strive our best to perform, hope that everyone will be looking forward to it.

MC: This time coming to Hong Kong, I’ve to ask if you’ve learned any Cantonese phrases.

CNBLUE: We want to learn.. Please teach us!

MC+CNBLUE: Lengzai! (Handsome guy)

MC+CNBLUE: I love you!

MC+CNBLUE: Beautiful girls!

MC: Since CNBLUE can’t dance, then how do you liven up the atmosphere and heat the fans?

-CNBLUE play the instruments live to liven up the atmosphere; YongHwa claimed to be a good dancer

YongHwa: Because we’re a band, we’ll use dance……….sorry. *Laughs*. Because we’re a band…..4 of us’ energy and band’s…all of our songs are self-composed. There’s a little differences between singing it live and studio-recorded ones. This should be the method to liven the atmosphere up.

JongHyun: Actually…. we don’t dance casually but when you looking at carefully, actually we somehow dance.

YongHwa: Actually I’m very good in dancing.

Narration: YongHwa said he can dance well, thus he should demonstrate for us. But he suddenly sang ‘s theme song instead.

YongHwa: We’re filming now, thus I’m afraid that someone else would copy our dance. I know someone will. Therefore as long as you attends our concert, you’ll be able to see. My hidden…hidden dancing talent.

MC: We are all know CNBLUE has a good relationship, therefore we want to play a mini game with them. We want to know our who is the pillar of support among them. Firstly, I want to know who is the most diligent one in keeping fit and taking good care of his looks.

*All pointed at Jong Hyun*

JungShin: Recently, Jonghyun hyung…

JongHyun: My self-body management seems to be working well. I’m working hard.

JungShin: Compared to self-body management, it should be more on managing looks. He even applies mask and washes his face on plane. Really!

JongHyun: Shouldn’t it be something good? It is good!

JungShin: Yeah, it is good.

JongHyun: I originally has the to-do-nothing attitude,but as time passes by, it resulted into a condition that cannot be remedied. Although it’s late, but I’ll still try my best to manage my looks.

MC: Who is the funniest among the members?

*Jungshin- 1 voteYongHwa- 3 votes.*

YongHwa: I think that JungShin has illusion. He thinks that he is funny, when he’s alone, he tries to make some trendy phrases, then he immediately uses it himself. So i feel like saying it once on TV, stealer! *Points at Jungshin* (I guess they mean YongHwa created it and JungShin stole it). I think I’m the funniest, I think my words are funny as well. *Laughs*

MC: Who is the most hardworking member?

*HAHAH They are all voted themselves.*

MinHyuk: The reason why I think Yonghwa is the most hardworking one is, he always composes songs and he is the leader as well! Although there are a lot of work, but he still diligently composes. That is why I think he is the most hardworking one.

MC: I want to know why you 3 voted yourself.

JongHyun: I composes too!

MinHyuk: But he’s the leader too!

JongHyun: That’s right..

MinHyuk: They are hyungs, that’s’ why they are all hardworking.

JungShin: I want to change my vote.

MC: Why?

JungShin: My finger pointed wrongly.

-Re vote-

MC: So who is the most hardworking one?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

YongHwa: Hm.. like fate, so I pointed at myself. But seriously, why am I the one? I’m not sure myself too. No matter what, thank you, although I’m not sure myself too. I’ve tried my best to look diligent.

MC: Who is the cleanest one?

*All pointed at MinHyuk*

YongHwa: JungShin always has the wrong illusion.

JungShin: My arrow is pointing at MinHyuk!

MC: MinHyuk, do you think that you’re the cleanest?

MinHyuk: I think I’m quite clean.

YongHwa: Just see his face, you’ll know how clean he is.

JungShin; His skin is flawless.

MC: Do you have any situation that shows how clean he is?

YongHwa: He is definitely not those type that is overly clean, that makes people feel uncomfortable. But whenever he takes his shirt off, he’ll organise it back before he sleeps. And when he wakes up, he’ll fold his blankets. Saying so, he should be the most hardworking one among us.

MinHyuk: Hyung is more hardworking.

YongHwa: Okay it’s me then.Yeah, he’s the first place.

MC: Okay next question, who is the one that got most to talk?

*All pointed at YongHwa*

MC: Woah, expected. But why?

Yonghwa: It’s an honour to be the first place. I.. just likes to talk. JungShin don’t quite like to talk.

MinHyuk: He seems to like talking a lot. Because he is funny, thus he can’t stop talking. It’s quite funny though.

MC: In a group, there will be times when members argue. Is there a member who is bad-tempered?

YongHwa: We’ll talk it out instead. Even if there is a bad-tempered member, how can we say it out? *Laughs* Excluding that, we’ll normally talk it out instead. So it’s counted as none that we must argue.

JongHyun: Maybe there are when we were younger. But recently, maybe because we’re together for long, thus we’ll talk it out instead.

MC: Is there a member who always act handsome? So all voted JongHyun? Why?

MinHyuk: Er..just that we’ve lived together for long, then we’ll have that feeling.

MC: Can you do a handsome pose in front of the camera?

JongHyun: Compared to posing, I prefer acting handsome while talking.

YongHwa: Everytime when JongHyun is doing a interview, I feel that he is trying to do a quote or something. Everyone will do a idiom copy for him. I’ll work hard for quotations. Feel like combining all the interviews and release a quotation books for him.

MC: Then do you think you’re like this?

JongHyun: Others will think that I’m such a person, but at here, I’m not.

MC: So today is happy to have a talk with CNBLUE and also played a game with them. I hope that CNBLUE’s concert will be successful. Thank you!

CNBLUE: Thank you! *Bow*

Video Credit andywong1986

Rough Trans by Joelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

2 thoughts on “Star Talk – CNBLUE interview @ H.K J2 Entertainment News

  1. Thanks for all the hard work on the translation. Loved this interview, but how awkward it must be…in a foreign country, different language, still they keep composure and always look nice. I LOVED when JH laughed out loud several times…he’s adorable when he laughs. I look forward to more interviews as they travel around the globe. Fighting!!!!

    • You’re very much welcome 🙂 haha yes I was thinking like that too but the host can speak korean and english so I think it help a bit hahaha. Jonghyun’s TV viewer mode is something we resist lol. of course, we’re too!! and almost every week there always new magazines in which they’re appear in 🙂 unfortunately there not much their news about BM Seoul 😦

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