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CNBLUE’s Popularity is World Star Level in Philippine, too! “Impression”

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CNBLUE attracted popularities the level of world star in Philippine.

CNBLUE held outdoor press conference on June 14th at Megamall Manila, Philippine. About a few thousand fans rushed the venue from all part of the Philippine.

CNBLUE seemed to be really surprised by looking at so many fans. Jung Yonghwa sang “I’m sorry” with deep emotion in the place, made a few thousand fans enthusiastic.

Local fans were waiting till press conference ended. After they held surprise birthday party for Yonghwa, and made him impressed.

Jung Yonghwa said , ‘We make a first visit Philippine this time, such many people come to see us, moreover they prepared great birthday party. I’m really impressed. Thank you. As our thanks to your eager welcome, we’ll show you nice stage tomorrow.’

CNBLUE will hold a concert as a part of world tour on 8 p.m. June 15th in Philippine, Manila.

Source news kstyle

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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