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Lee Jungshin’s “Good Manners’ Legs” was Caught

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Lee Jungshin is caught by good manners’ legs… ‘Trying to lessen height difference, 187 cm tall man’s effort’


Lee Jungshin’s “good manners’ legs” was caught.

At KBS special project drama “Blade and Petal” broadcasted first on July 3rd, A singer and an actor Lee Jungshin acts a warrior Shiwoo, who belongs to a secret organization a gang Keumhwa of Yeongryuwang (Kim Yeongchul) in Goguryo.

It was taken what Jungshin had considered staffs in all scenes preparing shooting.
187cm, tall Lee Jungshin lessened his height for female staffs, what is called “Good manners’ legs” he showed.

A concerned parties of “Blade and petal” revealed Jungshin has established reputation as a man with good manners although he is maknae (the youngest) actor of “Blade and petal” at the scene.

These his warm mindedness seems to reflect one woman in the drama.

Because only Yeongryuwang’s daughter, Mooyeong (Kim Okbin) exists in Shiwoo’s heart. But, Sad destiny is waiting for Shiwoo loving only one woman.

Shiwoo witnesses that Mooyeong falls in love with Yeongaesomoon (Choi Minsoo)’s son and her enemy, Yeonchoong (Eom Taewoong). Through “Blade and petal”, Jungshin is burning with his will to jump a step as an actor. Through Shiwoo, who never be pessimistic to be from an orphan and tells word to tell, Jungshin makes up his mind to be “a man” without imagine as a maknae.

“Blade and Petal” is the melodrama about the lovers fall in love in spite of their predecessors turn against each other.

The drama will open hoped-for embrasure on July 3rd as “God’s will’s” next.

Source reviewstar hankoki

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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