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CNBLUE Concert in Beijing; Endorse for Galaxy Music; For the First Time in China


On June 29, the global mobile communications and digital convergence technology Samsung Electronics and Korean popular group, CNBLUE, joint to build ‘2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR’. Having been to Beijing for the first time had concluded their world tour. During the performances, all the CNBLUE members join sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn up the atmosphere of the concert with music and dance,  which shows the link between music and technology, it brought the Chinese fans a fantastic feast of music.


The Capital City’s (Beijing) stadium was very star-studded due to the Galaxy Music posters.
That night the stadium was an extraordinary pomp. CNBLUE performed ,  etc. It is all songs that the Chinese fans are familiar with. Following the music, the audiences waved with the lightsticks, loud claps can be heard as well. And when the concert atmosphere hit the climax, CNBLUE took the year’s most popular’s smart phone, Samsung Galaxy S4. Made use of its twin-lens and interacted with the fans, allowing that moment to be captured. S4 has a unique feature of human nature, allowing the fans to be in the picture with their idol, it’s a scene that attracted loud scream from fans. 4 of them changed to Galaxy S4 shirt when the concert come to an end, and “murdered” the fans once again (with their charm), pushing the atmosphere yet to another climax. With CNBLUE and Galaxy S4, that night have shown the perfect blend between music and technology.


CNBLUE concert were crowded with warm atmosphere.
Today, popular music and smart phone had become a necessity among all young people. Though CNBLUE and Samsung belong to different areas, but both has the same qualities, not only in their respective fields leading the fashion trend, and also has many fans. Being the popular group in FNC Ent, CNBLUE, in their early stage of debut, are already very popular among the fashion industry and korean music. They had even won the 26th Golden Disk Awards reward the best combination in Asia and the 27th highest popularity in Malaysia gold record award and other big awards. Being ‘first’ in both global and China phone market, S4 itself has hundreds millions of fans. This year’s most talked about new generation of popular flagship GALAXY S4 has unlimited of fame, listed for less than a month, had already break the 10 million mark, with its superior performance, user-friendly experience to lead a new wave of smart phones. This time, CNBLUE is working together with Samsung for the Galaxy Music, which is a strong combination. They’re combined to be a perfect fusion of pop culture, which is not only for young people, and also bringing a fresh baptism of fashion culture, leaving GALAXY S4 shine on the world stage.


CNBLUE wore the Samsung Galaxy Music shirt when the concert come to an end, and also used S4 to take selca.
On June 28, before the , CNBLUE and Samsung held a press conference together, announcing that they’ll work together for the Galaxy Music trans-boundary fashion feast. Following the Beijing concert, there will be Guangzhou & Shanghai station, the two feast will also be scheduled soon. Believing that, CNBLUE and Samsung, the 2 ‘star’, will emit more dazzling light when they’re together.


Source cnetnews

Trans by Joelle  @cnboice

Edited and Posted @ cnboice/bpb decoded


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE Concert in Beijing; Endorse for Galaxy Music; For the First Time in China

  1. Wow…check out that BLUE ocean in Beijing!!!! How exciting for Chinese BOICE!!!! Thanks for the post and translation (you rock of course)

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