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CNBLUE Held Birthday Party for Kang Minhyuk

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CNBLUE held birthday party for Kang Minhyuk at the press conference in China “Heart-warming friendship”

CNBLUE will hold their first solo concert in China. They appealed heart-warming friendship.

On June 28 a day before the concert in Beijing, CNBLUE held the event to celebrate Minhyuk, who saw his birthday come round this day at the press conference with local press corps.

As birthday cake prepared in advance appeared, members sang a song to celebrate. Leader Jung Yonghwa told Minhyuk, “Blow out the candles from here  (behind the table they are sitting at) and now.” In spite of quite far from him, and he blowed out all candles at a stretch, it surprised everyone in the room.

The day at the location, about 50 Chinese media, such as CCTV-8, BTV-2, Sina Entertainment, Enlight Media Group, Hongkong Local TV, Fujian Province Local TV media, Beijing Times reported the scene.

CNBLUE is heightening local expects for the first concert in China. They will hold “CNBLUE WORLD TOUR : BLUE MOON” with SAMSUNG GALAXY MUSIC at Beijing metropolitan gymnasium from 7:30 pm (local time) on June 29.


Source Kstyle

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee cnboice/bpb decoded


One thought on “CNBLUE Held Birthday Party for Kang Minhyuk

  1. I would be surprise too, he is away from the cake in some distance that most people would think it’s impossible to blow the candles. 😀 He’s so cute :3

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