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Yonghwa’s snowboarding skills (Trans)

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Everyone, I safely arrived in Japan. Kk.

Is the weather so hot?

It seems to be hot, I’ll publish a video that was taken when I went to the skiing ground in Hongchung in January with my Japanese manager hyung who was a snowboard player.

Kk, the name of the ski slope is Rock.

This is highest grade of this skiing ground, kk.

The other members went to a different place and came down with manager hyung~~

Then, at a very amazing point, manager hyung was taking this and came down. Kk !!!

It’s hot, but be cool as you watch the snow of this video!!!!

So I’ll do the lives well and return to Korea!!!

Top of the world!

Source: Yonghwa Daum Cafe

Caps by baidu YHbar

Video credit: HannahCao9989

Translation by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Tara Lee and Linda @ cnboice

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CNBLUE Jonghyun ‘Changsung hyung, Be sure to win!’

CNBLUE Jonghyun prayed for Jung Chansung player winning. CNBLUE’s Vocalist & Guitarist Lee Jonghyun (age 23) pointed up the fate that he made a friend with Jung Chansung as they played sports together in the gym. And he prayed for Korean Zombie winning the title at the interview of Monster gym. CNBLUE is a four man band, they debuted with EP album ‘Bluetory’ in 2010 and spread their name with ‘I’m sorry’ in the first half of this year. While, Korean Zombie Jung Chansung (age 26, Korean zombie MMA / Radio X) will fight a battle to get the UFC Feather title at HSBC arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 4th (local time). After Jung Chansung arrived in São Paulo, Brazil on July 20th, he visited the Checkmate team of Bom Retro and he is training there. He is smoothly adapting to the local atmosphere.

Next, there was an interview.

[Interview] (the same as the video above)

Q. How did you get to know Jung Chansung player?
A. We go to the same gym now.

Q. Do you always enjoy to watch mixed martial arts?
A. Yes. Of course I watch a lot of broadcastings. If I can’t watch them, I try to search on the Internet. I have much interest.

Q. How did you feel when you watched the game fighting Jung Chansung player?
A. He shows us very cool games and makes me excitited every time. He is a player like this.

Q. So how do you feel about Jung Chansung playing sports with you?
A. When I only watch him in the game, I thought he was a little scary and hard to get close to. But, I met him like this, he seems to be very calm, kind and broad-minded. He is a very cool hyung.

Q. Please make a brief to cheer Jung Chansung player, who will make a sortie to UFC 163.
A. I will pray for Jung Chansung player’s winning. Hwaiting! Hyung, have a lot of fights!

Source: Naver’s Sport News

Video Credit: HannahCao9989 Youtube Account

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Posted and edited by Linda @ cnboice

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Voice Message from Minhyuk (Trans)

Hello, everyone I’m Minhyuk. 2 days lives in Hokkaido ended. It has been a while for us to hold a tour in Japan, so we were really looking forward to it. We enjoyed, too because everyone was close to us. Hokkaido is a really good place. I love here. The tour has just started, so please look forward to it much more. That’s all, from Minhyuk.

Video credit: Mimalice03

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice

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CNBLUE Premium event for single CD release (Trans)


CNBLUE Premium event for single CD release

[1 week only]

Download each of single CD “Lady” “Don’t care” “Monday” and apply for this event within a period.

5 winners selected by the lottery will be invited to the premium event (only Aug 7th Tokyo)

These winners will be able to see CNBLUE’s live rehearsal and take a group photo with them.

*You can apply 1 time per 1 song download.  * You can apply three times in all.


[The details for premium event]

“CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~” Rehearsal  in Tokyo at Aug 7th (Wed) at Zepp Tokyo

*Winners only will be known the time to start of this event

*Winners only can participate

*The cost for travel and stay in Tokyo is not included

*Winners will be informed at Aug 6th (Tue) afternoon

*The group photo will be mailed to you at a later date

<Period for applying>

July 24th 00:00 to July 30th 23:59

For a condition, you must buy any one below


“Don’t care”


<How to apply>

Step1 : Club rekochoku members only

Step2 : Download at least 1 song in these 3 songs.

Step3 : A) Click “my page”at the top of this page, or B) Access to this page and click “log in”


Translation by Satomami @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice

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CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa The FNC Magazine Volume 2 Interview, ‘I’m a Loner’



Jung Yong Hwa I’m a loner

Jung Yong Hwa has the ability to keep making people around him laugh joyfully. He does this not only when he’s in good mood, but also when he feels tired, and it will be good for him to take a rest. (Though he said this is the way to get rid of his tiredness.)There is always laughter around Yong Hwa. Jung Yong Hwa used to have a cold and silent image, but now this kind initial empress has been thrown away to an alien planet. Now, we ask Yong Hwa who looks happily at all times about the loneliness.


When it comes to loneliness, to be honest, I don’t feel lonely. It means I have never had the feeling of loneliness. Family? Are you referring to live separately from my family? I felt a bit lonely in the beginning of living separately from the family as we used to live together everyday. I don’t have family around, and friends are all in Busan (부산: Yong Hwa’ hometown), normally when I feel lonely, I compose songs. Time really flies when composing.

Differences in Feeling

Gradually, I don’t have any interests in daily life, and I feel like being chased. When I finished one task and there is will be another waiting for me, but I seems to get used to with this. I feel disquiet when I have nothing to do. I can’t really have a good rest even I have nothing to do. Even when I go back to Busan, I can’t stop thinking “Aigoo…I should do something”, but actually I still have nothing to do. I just can’t rest well without any thoughts.

Interests in Life

I used to play basketball, and go snowboarding in the winter, but I can’t to do these anymore now. To be honest, I don’t really have any interests in daily life right now, really have none. Walking around t0 drink coffee? I think this is my interest now. The reason why I focus only on composing is because I have nothing to do apart from this. I can’t go to places with many people, but I really love playing basketball and snowboarding. I don’t have that much time to go snowboarding now, but in the past, I even bought season pass so that I could go snowboarding anytime.

Snowboarding for CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa

It has been a long time since I went snowboarding lately. The feeling of enjoyment has become different now. I had the feeling of being fast and faster, besides, I had to cover myself in case someone could recognize me. However, I still got recognized by some people.

Jung Yong Hwa among the crowd

I will feel sad if I am not recognized by people. If I don’t cover myself at all and still can’t be recognized, I will feel sad. If this happens, I will reveal myself. I will stay quietly for a while and then ask the stranger “Do you like CNBLUE? Do you like Jung Yong Hwa?” If the reply is positive then I will say “I’m Jung Yong Hwa” I find this kind of situation is really fun. There was one time I went snowboarding and I was in a cable car with a high school girl. I asked her “Do you like CNBLUE?” She answered “Yes, why do you ask for?” I continued to ask “So…what’s the ranking of CNBLUE for you?” I supposed she knew that I’m Jung Ying Hwa, so she replied “My favorite”. Then, she asked me if I’m Jung Yong Hwa and I said yes. HaHaHa… Originally, she asked for taking photo together with me, but I told her this was a secret so taking photos was not allowed and I gave her my signature instead. It happened to have paper in hand.

Mobile phone is especially quiet only today

I am not the type of person who will contact people first, and I will be waiting for someone to contact me. If there is no one I can send message then I will send message to CNBLUE members.

Lonely Christmas

Last Christmas, we just finished Japan schedule and returned to Seoul, so I didn’t have anyone to celebrate the holiday as other members were tired and went to sleep. I fell asleep in a short time after sitting in a trace. It’s better to have schedule in this kind of holiday. New Year Holiday! I didn’t like rice cake soup especially in New Year, and I really hated to eat re-heated rice cake soup when cooking a lot and couldn’t be eaten up. However, I am kind of missing that feeling of eating rice cake soup now.


Being Alone

Jung Shin will be the first person to contact with, because it’s always fun to play with him.


It has become an amusement to me to hang out with my manager for a cup of coffee or tasty food. When manager is not around, I will go out to buy aroma candle by myself, and light it up at home then smell the scent. It takes around 10~20minutes to let the room be full of scent. I will start to listen to music once I smell the spread scent.

Place to Rest

Jung Shin’s room is the most comfortable room for resting. No matter in our old dorm or the dorm we currently live in, wherever we go, Jung Shin’s room is always the best room to rest, including staying in hotel. The atmosphere in Jung Shin’s room is good. I don’t like to go to Min Hyuk’s room because he always says I am messing up his room and even doesn’t allow me lie down on his bed.

Seems to be dumped

I can always sense this kind of feeling. Every time when I sensed this kind of feeling, I got dumped at once. I must have done something wrong so I got dumped. Even this was the case, but I still couldn’t accept immediate separation.

Ever Badgered with Someone

I badgered after breaking up. I couldn’t be that cool when facing the breakup matter, so I will definitely badger with the girl.

After Badgering

Have never been together again.

Every Succeeded?

I am Jung Yong Hwa. HaHaHa…

When Meeting an Ideal Type on the Streets, Go to Approach Her or Not?

I am definitely that type of person will go to approach her first.

She Has a Man beside?

I am a passive (person)

Girl of your Dream Type

I don’t really have a specific look or type of her, but I hope our personalities are fit to each other. Occasionally, she can help me remove the make-up and apply lotion on my face after my schedule, and it will be even great to massage me. Besides, someone can accept my jokes are also important.

Girl Looks Like Jung Shin?

That’s not like that way.

My Dream Date

Um…just ordinary things people do. I don’t really want any special things, but preferring to watch movies, eat outside, have a cup of coffee, go mountain hiking, go shopping and so on…in public.


I was surprised when Jung Shin had his hair cut that short. Besides, I said “Why do you keep imitating Jung Yong Hwa’s hairstyle?” and “I like Jung Shin with long hair”. Jung Shin has wanted to have short hair since long time ago, and he said he likes short hair better. However, I was always making fun of him by saying “I like long hair Jung Shin, you look strange in short hair, you look handsome when slinging long hair in our concert”. He was originally happy after he had had his hair cut short, but getting a bit sad after I kept teasing him by saying “you look strange in short hair”. It seemed that he regretted cutting his hair short and wanted his long hair look. After that, when were watching his TV series together (Noelle: Should be “My Daughter Seo Young”), I said “I was joking in the past. You are now a handsome and worm man. You look better in short hair.” I told him something like that, but actually, I was telling a lie. Jung shin, you really look more handsome in long hair.



鄭容和有何可以一直讓身邊的人笑出來的才能。心情好的時候就不用說了,甚至是很疲憊的時候自己休息多好啊,卻一直不停的逗周圍的人開心(雖然他說著也是為了 趕走自己的疲憊)。容和的身邊永遠有不間斷的笑聲。曾經那種話少看上去很冷的鄭容和的初印象早就被丟到仙女星上去了。就這樣我們向無論何時都看上去很爽快的容和,問起了寂寞。

孤獨 要說孤獨的話。。說實話基本沒有感覺到孤獨過。就是說沒有真正的孤獨過吧。。家人?是說跟家人分開嗎?每天都在一起突然分開的話是有一點孤獨感。身邊沒有家人,朋友們也都在釜山,這種時候一般就會作曲吧。作曲的時候時間真的過的飛快

感情的差異 興趣生活漸漸變得沒有了,仿佛被什麼追趕的感覺。‘結束了這個還要做那個’就這樣隨著時間推移也變為習慣了。沒有事情做的話會變得不安。真的什麼事情都沒有的話根本沒法好好休息。即使是回釜山的時候也總想‘哎呀該做點什麼’但是不知道該做什麼。就是無法沒有任何想法地去休息。

興趣生活 以前會打籃球。冬天就去滑雪。但是現在就不行了啊。說實話現在幾乎沒有業餘興趣生活了。真的沒有。到處走去喝咖啡?這個就算是興趣了吧。我之所以集中在作曲上是因為我除了這個以外沒有什麼可以做的了。我不能去人多的地方啊。我真的特別喜歡籃球的。滑雪的話沒有那麼多時間。以前真的甚至買好季度卷隨時都會出發的來著。

CNBLUE鄭容和的身份滑雪 很久違的前段時間去滑雪了。跟以前那種享受的感覺不同了。就是帶著一種‘要快點’‘多一點’的想法。要把自己捂的人們絕對認不出來。不過還是有一些人認出我來了。

人群中的鄭容和 真的有人認不出我來的話我還會覺得不開心。就是說完全不遮掩還沒被認出來的話。如果沒被認出來我會自己自爆。就是老老實實地待那麼一會,就會問‘喜歡 CNBLUE嘛?’‘喜歡鄭容和麼?’,如果說喜歡的話我就說會‘我就是鄭容和啊~~’這樣自爆。這種情況真的特好玩。有一次去滑雪的時候跟一個中學生樣子的小女孩一起坐的纜車。然後我就問她你喜歡CNBLUE麼,她回答‘喜歡啊怎麼了’,我就繼續問那CNBLUE在你心中排第幾啊,她估計也看出來了所以 就說‘最喜歡’。接著她就問‘你是不是鄭容和?’,我就說對啊我是鄭容和。哈哈哈。本來她說要一起拍照,但是我說因為是秘密不能拍,然後給她簽名了。剛好有紙在周邊。

只有今天特別安靜的手機 我不是會先聯繫誰的類型。會一直安靜地等別人聯繫我。也沒有什麼人讓我可以發資訊。這個時候就會試著給成員們發吧。

Lonely Christmas 去年耶誕節的時候剛好結束了日本的行程回到首爾,所以沒有人一起過聖誕。成員們也都說太困了要睡覺。就這樣發著呆坐在那裏一會就睡著了。還不如這種日子剛好有行程來的好。春節!以前春節的時候對年糕湯沒有什麼迷戀的。最討厭那種家裏煮了很多,然後一直熱來吃的感覺。但是現在卻特別想念那個年糕湯。

休息所 正信的房間最舒服了。是可以休息的最好的房間。不管是以前的宿舍還是宿舍,就算是搬家了,不管到哪,包括酒店的房間也是正信的房間最好!氣氛好。真的最討厭去的房間就是敏赫的。一直說會亂掉然後折磨我。床都不給躺。

自己的時候 最先會跟正信聯繫。因為跟正信在一塊最好玩。

休息日 跟經紀人一起出去喝咖啡或者吃好吃的成為樂趣了。經紀人也不再身邊的時候會自己出門買香燭。買好香燭以後回到家點上。然後就聞那個香味。想要讓香味散發出來的話要過10~20分鐘。就這樣等到香味散發出來,聞到以後就開始聽歌。

好像要被甩了 一直會有感覺。每次一有這種預感以後馬上就會被甩掉。肯定是因為我做了會被甩的事情唄。就算這樣我也沒辦法馬上接受離別。


糾纏以後 沒有一次再重新在一起過。

曾經成功過 我是鄭容和。哈哈


旁邊有男人 我是和平主義者

我幻想中的她 沒有具體的外貌和類型吧。就是要找性格很合拍的人。偶爾會有結束行程以後可以幫我卸妝,幫我擦護膚霜,還能幫我按摩的話就好了的想法。然後就是可以接受我開玩笑的。

像正信一樣的女人? 那倒不是

我夢想的約會 恩~就是別人都做的事情。比起特別的事情的話,其實就是想要像別人一樣可以大大方方的去看電影,吃飯,喝咖啡,爬山,購物什麼的。

謊言 正信最開始剛剪了短髮的時候真的嚇了一跳。而且還一邊說著你為什麼總學‘鄭容和髮型’。我喜歡長髮正信。正信從很久以前就一直說想要剪頭髮,說覺得更喜歡頭髮短一些的感覺,但是我一直都逗他說,我喜歡長髮正信呢。還一直說剪掉的話會變的奇怪,長髮遠比短髮好看,公演的時候還可以甩來甩去那個最帥了。於是就這樣說的太多了他仿佛有點受傷。本來剪完了挺開心的,我在旁邊一直說奇怪一直逗他,所以他貌似有點蔫了呢。好像覺得不如不剪了,而且後來也有點後悔有點想要回到從前的感覺。所以後來幫他監督一起看電視劇的時候,我對他說我是在開玩笑,現在完全變暖男了呢,然後說‘剪掉以後好看很多呢’這樣對他說謊了。“可 是吧。正信啊,真的長髮更帥氣呢~。”


Scanned and Chinese Trans by Parishin

English Trans by Noelle @cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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FNC music Japan twitter: Zepp Tour 2013 has started!


【CNBLUE】 本日より「CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~」スタートしました!!写真は札幌公演1日目終了後のメンバーです。皆様応援よろしくお願いします!


CNBLUE Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~ has started from today!! Members in this photo is after the 1st concert in Sapporo. Please support and cheer them up!

Source @fncmusicjapan

Translation by Satsuki @ cnboice

Posted by Linda @ cnboice


CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Reveals His Beautiful Mother

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Mamma Mia,” which was aired on July 21, CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin introduced his beautiful mother.

When the MCs asked Lee Jung Shin to present his mother, he stated proudly, “My mother used to be a flight attendant.” The MCs were impressed as they admired, “She must have been very popular in her younger days.” Lee Jung Shin agreed as he said, “In her old photos, my mother looks beautiful in her flight attendant uniform.”

To everyone’s compliments, Lee Jung Shin’s mother replied, “I gained a bit of weight after giving birth to Jung Shin. I have been trying hard to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, other guests on this episode also included Solbi, Park Eun Young, Kim Young Hee, and their mothers.


Posted by Linda @cnboice