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Belated Happy Birthday Video For Minhyuk

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Helle everyone,

We’d like to apologize for not having this video posted online earlier, but we had some problems in getting this posted. One of the CNBOICE members made this with a lot of effort, so it would be a shame if we didn’t put it online! We hope you’ll still enjoy, even though Minhyuk isn’t celebrating his birthday anymore! ^-^

Also we’d like to announce that we’ve set up a youtube channel! For now we will sometimes upload videos for projects on there, only time can tell us what else we’ll do with it later on! Furthermore I’d like to point out that we also have a tumblr page and a twitter account which we keep up to date as well!

– CNBOICE Youtube  page

– CNBOICE Tumblr page

– CNBOICE Twitter page

Thank you for your support! 😀

With love,

CNBOICE staff~

Video made by Jennifer @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice


One thought on “Belated Happy Birthday Video For Minhyuk

  1. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Korean Rock Fan and commented:
    Just sharing the MH love….Happy Birthday message…awesome!

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