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CNBLUE Blue Moon Live in Beijing Interview

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CNBLUE, Learn and Speak Chinese. Jung Yong Hwa misses the food in Wang-Fu-Jing

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Korean Band CNBLUE is going to have a concert in Beijing on 6/29, they came to Beijing one day ahead to promote this concert. This will be CNBLUE’s first solo concert in China. When interviewed by Net Easy Entertainment, CNBLUE expressed they emphasis on this concert and they had also prepared a lot to share with China fans. One thing also could be mentioned, CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa said he had come to Beijing when he was young, and he couldn’t forget the taste of roasted spiders. In addition, 4 members also learned how to speak Chinese “Hen Meng” (很萌means cuter in China)

Learn and Speak Chinese “Da Jia Hen Meng” (大家很萌: Everyone is cuter)

This is the first time for CNBLUE to hold a concert in China, and they put much effort on this live and had prepared a lot as well. Lee Jung Shin expressed that they will perform some songs from their mini album (Re:Blue) and hope China fans will like those songs. Besides, CNBLUE also did some homework in learning Chinese. In the beginning of the press conference, they spoke in Chinese to say hello to everyone. During the interview, reporters taught CNBLUE how to speak “Hen Meng” and checked the results right on the spot. Everyone couldn’t help but laughing when hearing CNBLUE said “Da Jia Hen Meng”..



Want to visit The Great Wall. Jung Yong Hwa misses roasted spiders.

This is the second times CNBLUE came to visit Beijing. When mentioning if there are any places they would like to pay for a visit. Kang Min Hyuk said his sister know much about Beijing and recommend him many places, but they don’t really have time to pay for a visit this time. Jung Yong Hwa joked that they can visit The Great Wall secretly, and they will give the signature if being recognized by people there. One thing also could be mentioned, Jung Yong Hwa said he has come to Beijing when he was still young, and he has been to The Great Wall and Wang-Fu-Jing. Roasted spiders and scorpions of Wang-Fu-Jing really impressed him, and he wants to try them again.

In the last part of interview, CNBLUE mentioned that they hope have chance of performing together with Chinese singer or filming TV series in China in order to have more interaction with China fans.



CNBLUE现学现卖说中文 郑容和想念王府井小吃

6月29日将在北京开唱的韩国乐团CNBLUE,提前一日到京为演唱会造势。此次首度 来中国内地开唱,CNBLUE在接受网易娱乐专访市表示对这次演出非常重视,也很用心地准备了,希望能和中国的歌迷一起分享。值得一提的是,队长郑容和表示自己小时候曾经来过北京,并对王府井的烤蜘蛛念念不忘。另外,CNBLUE的四位成员还现学现卖说中文“很萌”。


   首度来中国内地开唱,CNBLUE表示对此非常重视,四位成员都有很用心的做准备。在曲目方面,李正信表示会唱一些MINI专辑中的歌曲,希望中国的歌 迷可以喜欢。另外,CNBLUE在中文方面也做足了功课,一开始便用中文与大家打招呼,在采访中,还让记者现场教中文流行语“很萌”,并现场检验学习成果,一句“大家很萌”让在场所有人忍俊不禁。


来北京想去长城 郑容和想念烤蜘蛛




Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded



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