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CNBLUE, ‘Lady’-‘Blind Love’ Japan Ringtone Chart Ranked 1,2

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CNBLUE, ‘Lady’-‘Blind Love’ Japan ringtone chart ranked 1,2 ‘sweeping victory’

Male band CNBLUE’s Japan 2 singles got rank 1,2 at a chart.

According to Dowango – Japanese music source download site-, Japan 6th single ‘Lady’ got rank 1 at K-POP ringtone daily chart (highlight department) and 5th single ‘Blind Love’ released on April got rank 2. These showed CNBLUE’s real power.

Especially, about ‘Lady’ released on July 31st, the title song ‘Lady’ ‘Don’t care’ ‘Monday’ these 3 songs are composed by Jung Yonghwa, which catch our eyes. ‘Don’t care’ is the song drawing thanks and love to fans, moreover
Yonghwa directly joined arrangement. It is getting higher expectation.

While CNBLUE will hold Zepp Tour and play 10 concerts at 5 venues in Japan from on July 24th. Zepp Tour will start on July 24,25th in Hokkaido, continue on 29,30th in Nagoya, on August 1st,2nd in Fukuoka, on 6,7th in Tokyo, on 14,15th in Osaka.

Source Nate

Trans by Satsuki @cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice /bpb decoded


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