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CNBLUE Jonghyun ‘Changsung hyung, Be sure to win!’

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CNBLUE Jonghyun prayed for Jung Chansung player winning. CNBLUE’s Vocalist & Guitarist Lee Jonghyun (age 23) pointed up the fate that he made a friend with Jung Chansung as they played sports together in the gym. And he prayed for Korean Zombie winning the title at the interview of Monster gym. CNBLUE is a four man band, they debuted with EP album ‘Bluetory’ in 2010 and spread their name with ‘I’m sorry’ in the first half of this year. While, Korean Zombie Jung Chansung (age 26, Korean zombie MMA / Radio X) will fight a battle to get the UFC Feather title at HSBC arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 4th (local time). After Jung Chansung arrived in São Paulo, Brazil on July 20th, he visited the Checkmate team of Bom Retro and he is training there. He is smoothly adapting to the local atmosphere.

Next, there was an interview.

[Interview] (the same as the video above)

Q. How did you get to know Jung Chansung player?
A. We go to the same gym now.

Q. Do you always enjoy to watch mixed martial arts?
A. Yes. Of course I watch a lot of broadcastings. If I can’t watch them, I try to search on the Internet. I have much interest.

Q. How did you feel when you watched the game fighting Jung Chansung player?
A. He shows us very cool games and makes me excitited every time. He is a player like this.

Q. So how do you feel about Jung Chansung playing sports with you?
A. When I only watch him in the game, I thought he was a little scary and hard to get close to. But, I met him like this, he seems to be very calm, kind and broad-minded. He is a very cool hyung.

Q. Please make a brief to cheer Jung Chansung player, who will make a sortie to UFC 163.
A. I will pray for Jung Chansung player’s winning. Hwaiting! Hyung, have a lot of fights!

Source: Naver’s Sport News

Video Credit: HannahCao9989 Youtube Account

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Posted and edited by Linda @ cnboice


One thought on “CNBLUE Jonghyun ‘Changsung hyung, Be sure to win!’

  1. so handsome…could listen to him all day. thank you! I am for anyone who is referred to as “Korean Zombie” I will have to google him. 🙂 fighting!!

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