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Yonghwa’s snowboarding skills (Trans)

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Everyone, I safely arrived in Japan. Kk.

Is the weather so hot?

It seems to be hot, I’ll publish a video that was taken when I went to the skiing ground in Hongchung in January with my Japanese manager hyung who was a snowboard player.

Kk, the name of the ski slope is Rock.

This is highest grade of this skiing ground, kk.

The other members went to a different place and came down with manager hyung~~

Then, at a very amazing point, manager hyung was taking this and came down. Kk !!!

It’s hot, but be cool as you watch the snow of this video!!!!

So I’ll do the lives well and return to Korea!!!

Top of the world!

Source: Yonghwa Daum Cafe

Caps by baidu YHbar

Video credit: HannahCao9989

Translation by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Tara Lee and Linda @ cnboice


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