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CNBLUE Interview on Excite Music

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Yonghwa: Everyone who is watching excite music! Hello, we’re CNBLUE!!
Jungshin: I’m Jungshin in charge of bass.
Jonghyun: I’m Jonghyun in charge of guitar.
Yonghwa: I’m Yonghwa in charge of vocal and guitar.
Minhyuk: I’m Minhyuk in charge of drum.
Jungshin: Excite thing these days…
Yonghwa: What’s?
Jonghyun: We are holding world tour these days.
Minhyuk: It’s the best ‘excite’ for us.
Jonghyun: And Zepp tour will start soon, so we’re looking forward to it. (Zepp tour already ended yesterday at Osaka)
Yonghwa: On July 31st, our single “Lady” will be released!!
Minhyuk: Lady~
Jungshin: Lady~
Yonghwa: Please listen to it.
Minhyuk: Our Zepp tour will start from July 24th, so please look forward to it.
Yonghwa: Everyone, please support our “Lady”!! That’s all,
Yonghwa: Thank you!

Interview with CNBLUE

Disco tune in CNBLUE style, keyword is ‘lady’ & ‘baby’

Their new song “Lady” is a disco tune that has nostalgic vibe as if CNBLUE made to revival. This song expresses a rise of heartbeat at the moment love starts and a relation of “you and I” that is deeper by dealing with meaningful words. The attraction of this song is like adult and different from their previous singles. An impact of refrain that the word “lady” sticks in sharp is strong. Even if we only listen to the song once, it makes us imagine an exciting party. They are visiting not only Asia but also Europe, North and South America, Australia as world tour (for sure I’m still waiting for FNC releases the rest of their world tour schedule for Europe and North n South America, though I’m not sure I can attend it either >< ) and holding Zepp tour in 5 cities in Japan side by side, moreover they will appear SUMMER SONIC 2013 and ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013, They are energetically active as a band. CNBLUE advances next stage with new killer tune this summer.

Excite: “Lady” recalls ’70s dance music, what imagination did you start to make the song with, Yonghwa-san?
Yonghwa: Maybe I composed ‘Lady’ last March or April. I wanted to write a song which fits with our imagination such an old (mature) (maybe Yonghwa means that he’s trying to make a step for CNBLUE’s image and shown their maturity) atmosphere. I feel there is a lot of music that recurring from the old days to these days, so I thought we’ll try such music.
Minhyuk: At first, we had 2 types of rhythm about this song. Now disco rhythm only has one key, we considered a lot which rhythm we use.
Yonghwa: Another sound is a bit more rock style.
Minhyuk: It’s also good, but for playing is very difficult. The recent rhythm is simplier.
Jungshin: Nevertheless, I feel this song is difficult among our (previous) songs. When recording bass, I kept in mind I communicate much (discussing the tune with other members), but it took more time than I had expected. This song is challenge for me. When I finished recording, I felt satisfied ‘I did well!’
Yonghwa: We had been recording until 5 am!
Jungshin: Yes, rhythm was very difficult.
Jonghyun: I have felt ‘good song’ since I’ve listened to it for the first time. Different from previous songs, this song is fashionable and trendy, rhythm of guitar sounds interesting. Lyrics are different from ours usual and fit the melodies.

Excite: When you wrote the lyrics, what were you conscious of?
Yonghwa: The melody is sexy, so I wrote lyrics like you see right now.
Jonghyun: Lyrics is so interesting, we just sing as it is.
Yonghwa: Many previous songs have a theme like “dream”. But I changed this time.

Excite: Do you mean you wanted to challenge different things?
Yonghwa: This song is a result that we tried to make music that we recently had wanted to do rather than challenge.

Excite: I see. “Lady” at the part of the chorus is that he longs for, and changes “baby” at the other part which he approaches her. It’s vivid and impressive that the beginning of love is drawn by only contrast of 2 words.
Yonghwa: As you’ve said just now, “lady” and “baby” are in refrain. When I wrote the lyrics, I thought that even if everyone doesn’t listen to other parts well, it’s interesting enough to listen to only “lady” and “baby”. It’s just like the theme of this song.

Excite: Is it important for you to choose words which everyone can intuitively feel the attraction without long explanations when you write the lyrics?
Yonghwa: Yes, it is.
Minhyuk: When I listened to the melody of this song, I felt very interesting “What kind of lyrics will he write?”. So he made interesting lyrics and different from previous songs, I thought the lyrics are just suit with melody. The songs written by Yonghwa-san always have pleasure like “What is interesting point of his next song? What will be a theme?”

Excite: Well, what is the attraction or pleasure for you when you play this song as a band?
Jonghyun: This song has good melody, but I think the point of this song is cutting rhythm of guitar. I’m fun and enjoyable playing this song.

Excite: The 2nd song “Don’t Care” also has comfortable rhythm of guitar. How was this song born?
Yonghwa: This song gives warm feeling. It was born when I played acoustic guitar, I easily came up with it. The result is almost same as a demo.
Jungshin: This song is very simple, so I thought it’s better not to change the first atmosphere of this song. So I felt relieved because the first atmosphere remained when I listened to it after recording.

Excite: The lyrics are like telling oneself “Believe in myself”. I felt that Yonghwa-san’s feelings are obediently expressed from the phrase.  May I take such mean?
Yonghwa: Yes you can. The lyrics completed as soon the same as the melody.

Excite: The keywords of “Lady” are ‘lady’ and ‘baby’, in case of this song; I’m interested in what ‘I’ and ‘you’ point at. I felt they don’t simply express the relation of ‘I’ and ‘you’…?
Yonghwa: umm… human doesn’t live alone, so let’s live as we appreciate around us, I suppose there is such mean.
Jonghyun: Yonghwa played the acoustic guitar in this song, but except it, we did recording with the electric guitar, too. He played with distortion, but it doesn’t suit the song. It wasn’t used after all.

Excite: That’s a little bad.
Jonghyun: I think so~ (laugh) But just, we had thought it doesn’t suit, so we discussed with staffs. But we decided to do ‘No one knows the result, let’s try once’, so did recording… that time was wasteful (laugh)

Excite: But it means that you always think the way to make songs better and you are trying several ways.
Jonghyun: Yes. We prefer this song like acoustic as expected, so it finally became so.
Minhyuk: I think it’s good that important parts of this song. Everyone may memorize only they listen to the part. We finished good recording soon because the singing was good. The entire sounds were also good.
Yonghwa: Especially drum sound was good!

Excite: The 3rd song ‘Monday’ is lively and contains reggae element. The lyrics are about depression in the Monday morning, but it seems not serious disgust. I like such humor.
Yonghwa: About the back of the lyrics… It’s not our case now, for example, office workers feel depressed in the Sunday night because Monday is the beginning of a week. In Korea, there is a TV program ‘Gags concert (KBS)’ broadcasted every Sunday night. When we were students, we heard ending song of it and we once felt ‘Oh I’ll go to school from tomorrow!’
Jungshin: Ah I would feel so~.
Yonghwa: That’s why; I remembered my feelings in those days and wrote the lyrics.

Excite: I felt this song makes our gloomy feelings happy and cheers us. Did you aim at such effects?
Yonghwa: Yes I did, I suppose. I wrote the word ‘Time machine’, it includes my wish ‘If only I could freely come and go among time’.

Excite: You’ll appear ‘SUMMER SONIC 2013’ and ‘ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2013’ this summer. Could you tell us your enthusiasms?
Minhyuk: I have a lot of pressure. Many bands appear on those festivals, so there are characteristic drummers. I have pressure like what should I do in them? But I’ll try with easy mind like ‘We’ll show our music!’
Yonghwa: I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure that it becomes enjoyable experience because we have held many lives until now, so we can surely do it well.
Jonghyun: I’m happy we can appear it. I’ll enjoy it with all my might as usual! Only that.
Jungshin: My feeling is also like going to enjoying myself. We’ll appear and watch Summer Sonic 2013 for the first time, so I’m looking forward to it and I’m glad. And Rock In Japan Festival 2013 is outdoor live, isn’t it? We have held concert outdoors in Niigata, Outdoor live has its own attraction as expected. I’m happy that we can be on the stage together. I hope many people listen to our music and come to our concerts.


Yonghwa (Guitar & Vocal) Sunglasses

Whenever and wherever I go, I bring sunglasses. When I look tired or pale, I feel it’s better to wear it. I bought one I have now at Apgujeong in Korea. The points when I choose it are color is black and it can cover my face well. I’m given it as a present, so I have about 20. I use it that fits clothes.

Jonghyun (Guitar & Vocal) Mobile phone

I use mobile phone for everything. I surf the internet, basically listen to music with it, I can do nothing without mobile phone. Even if new type is on sale, I don’t change new one soon, in the case of fashion, too. I’m not interested in such things so much (laugh) I changed because I’m given it this time. Previous one is bigger than present one, this is just size and very useful. Connection to the internet is rapider than a laptop, I can take a picture with it. I use it when recording songs.

Minhyuk (Drums) Mobile phone

I recently began to use this mobile phone. I’m given it by the company that is a sponsor of CNBLUE’s world tour. Mobile phone is really important. Because there is a chatting room for us and we always talk several things. I listen to music and surf the internet with it. It contains sound sources we haven’t released yet. I often play a game with members. We are deep into a game “Everyone’s marble”, which we use 2 dices and buy a plot. In the case that I buy a plot, the truth is that I have to pay money by myself, but when I win, others have to pay it. Finally, a person who have most money and plots wins.

Jungshin (Bass) Mobile phone

When I have free time, I look at several things at the internet. I often listen to music. It contains music sources we haven’t released yet, so I listen to it to prepare a recording. It’s really serious if I lost it! I recently save a script of drama and read with mobile phone. It’s handy because I can expand to read. It’s hard to carry a script… This phone is just size and has useful functions, so I like it. The game I’m deep into is “Everyone’s marble”, but I read a script more than playing game these days. I’m busy because of shooting of drama, tour, etc… They’re interesting for me!

Source Excite

Trans by Satsuki @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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