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CNBLUE Talk about Lady at EMTG MUSIC

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CNBLUE is going to release their 6th single “Lady”!

CNBLUE is going to release their 6th single on July 31st.  This single was composed by Yonghwa (Vo.) is a modern and rock tune with disco sound. We interviewed them about their recording, their feeling for this song’s lyric and Zepp tour in Japan that will be started from July 24th.

—EMTG: This time, “Lady” was composed by Yonghwa. This song has a modern and rock tune with disco sound.

Yonghwa: I composed this song that was mixed nostalgic and modern style. When I heard old dance music, I realized that there are many good songs. I think the recent music style is returning to the old one, so I made this song.


—EMTG: What do members think about this song?

Jonghyun: When I heard this song for the first time, I thought this is stylish.

Minhyuk: I thought it was a good song for live. At the beginning, this song had two types of rhythm. After all, it turned out to be the song that has one key of disco type but it was also good and simple.

Jungshin: As Minhyuk had said, when I choose one of these, I said I prefer to a disco sound one because everybody can enjoy.


—EMTG: When you recorded this song, what were you careful about?

Minhyuk: I thought about how I connect this groovy and bouncy rhythm to the performance.  And I took to segue into the next part.

Jungshin: We took a long time to record because my bass part changed suddenly and I recorded while arranging. But I enjoyed and did well.

Jonghyun: I also enjoyed recording, since this song has an enthusiasm and a bouncy guitar part.

Yonghwa: About singing, it has an enjoyable rhythm; I had a fun to sing.


—EMTG: The lyric has mature atmosphere that is like a man approaches a woman.

Yonghwa: There was no final straw but I thought it fit into the atmosphere of this song. So I wrote this kind of lyric.


—EMTG: The man looks like active person for love. How about you compared to this man?

Jungshin: I am not an active person such as this man. So it overlapped me and got satisfaction when Yonghwa-hyeong sings this song.

Minhyuk: It’s depends on the situation, sometimes I am an active man but sometimes I am not.

Jungshin: Do you? Cute boy (laugh)

Jonghyun: Me too. It depends on the other person.

Yonghwa: If I love someone, I express that. Since I wrote this lyric, I might alike this man who is in the lyric. (Laugh)


—EMTG: “Don’t Care” is a song that dedicate for fan.

Yonghwa: I made the melody first, and then suddenly I wanted to dedicate this song to fan.


—EMTG: How was your recording?

Minhyuk: Recording ran smoothly since this song is good. I personally felt we were doing pretty well on this song than ever. When I was playing drum, I felt good.

Jungshin: Since this song is simple, I played as that. I drank 3 or 4 cartons of chocolate milk while recording.

Minhyuk: Did you make up a story?

Jungshin: No, I didn’t. It’s true! (Laugh)

Jonghyun: At the first time, this song had an acoustic melody. We added some arrangements and a strong sound that has a distortion. The recording took 3, 4 hours but finally we turned it back. (Laugh)


—EMTG: “Monday” is an imposing song that has reggae rhythm.

Yonghwa: Yes it is. At first, I made this song with acoustic guitar but there are many songs with acoustic that I made such us for Juniel, I played this song with electric guitar instead.


—EMTG: Do you have imposing episode about this song’s recording?

Yonghwa: (He glanced at Jungshin) I wonder Jungshin say how many chocolate milk he drank. (Everybody laughs so hard)

Jungshin: Specifically, I don’t have one, though; this song’s temporally title was “Raggae”. (Laugh)


—EMTG: Jonghyun-ssi, was it hard to play this reggae rhythm with stroke mode?

Jonghyun: No, it wasn’t. (Laugh) I like this rhythm.

Yonghwa: It was a little bit hard for me. (Laugh)

—EMTG: Well. Zepp tour that you are going to five cities in Japan will be started soon. Please give us your short message.

Minhyuk: Now we have a world tour, but we prepare a set list only for Zepp tour, so you can look forward to it.

Jonghyun: We will do our best also this time. Let’s make a good live together.

Yonghwa: We prepare songs that you have not heard yet and new songs.

Jungshin: As Yonghwa-hyeong said, we prepare the old songs that you want to hear, and new songs etc… The past arena tour and world tour were energetic rock style performance but about this Zepp tour, we are going to do more soft. It’s not that it is boring performance. So I want you to come to our performance.

Jonghyun: Jungshin, your message is so long… (Everybody laughing so hard)


CNBLUE | 2013年07月31日 12時00分

 メジャーデビュー後、通算6枚目となるシングル「Lady」を7月31日にリリースするCNBLUE。ボーカルのジョン・ヨンファ作詞・作曲の本作は疾 走感あるディスコ風のモダンロックチューン。レコーディングの様子や歌詞に込められた想いなどを語ります!さらに、7月24日から新曲を引っ提げてまわる 全国Zepp Tourについてもさわりをちょっとだけ教えてもらいました。

















イ・ジョンシン:お前が? カワイイやつ(笑)。



EMTG:2曲目の「Don’t Care」は、ファンの方への感謝の気持ちを表現されていますね。
















EMTG:さて、まもなく全国5都市のZepp Tourがスタートしますね! 最後に読者の方へメッセージをひと言ずつお願いします!




イ・ジョンシン:今ヨンファが言ったように、ファンのみなさんが聴きたいなと思っていたのに聴けなかった昔の曲だったり、今回の新曲なども織り込 んだセットリストになっています。これまでのアリーナツアーとかワールドツアーはどちらかといえばロック風のエネルギッシュで駆け抜けるような公演だった んですね。Zepp Tourは、それに比べてソフトな公演になるかと思います。だからといって退屈するような公演ではないので、ぜひ足を運んでほしいと 思います。



Source EMTG Music

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


Author: tara lee

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