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JungShin’s Weibo Update

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여러분 안녕하세요 정신입니다~~~!!!^^ 날씨가 엄청덥네요 매일 땀으로샤워하고있답니다..안그래도 까만 제가..더 까매졌어요…여러분은 선크림 꼭챙겨바르시구요! 곧..만날날이 다가오고있어요! 너무 기대됩니다! 공연날에 만나요! 알러뷰~!

Hello, I’m Jungshin~~!!^^ The weather is very hot. Since I sweat a lot, I take a shower everyday. I already have a tanned skin, but now I’m getting more tanned. Make sure to use a sunscreen, everybody! The day that we can meet is coming closer! Please look forward to it! See you at the live venue! I love you~! 

Source: CNBLUE Official Weibo

Translated by Satomami and Tara Lee @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice


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