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CNBLUE on epop Magazine 424 edition


epop 424


What had exactly happened to CNBLUE? Hehe, still are 4 kids (definitely true). This time what do they want to share with us? Definitely everything and without any reservations, how do they feel about their newly released Japan single?  Wa ka ka …, secretly telling everybody, actually CNBLUE likes to watch horror movies together. And they unanimously agreed that Jung Shin is scarier than the ghosts in the movie. Continue reading to find out more! Remember to come support CNBLUE on August 24!

1) It is a very touching song and suitable for clubbing, normally do you go club?

CNBLUE: No, We don’t.
JungShin: We don’t go to club, but we do dance at home, haha.

2) Heard that actually Jungshin is supposed to write the lyrics for?

JungShin: Haha… that time YongHwa hyung asked if I want to write the lyrics together with him, we also discussed for a few times about it. Later on, I’ve tried my best to write the lyrics, it is titled as “3 thousand meter”, it describes the distance between separated partner is only thousands of meter. I suppose using “thousands of meters” is correct, right? Haha… Actually I’m not really sure myself. After finishing, I passed it to YongHwa hyung but he said he had already finished the lyrics.
YongHwa: Actually the idea is good; I will use it for next time.
Minhyuk: I feel that YongHwa Hyung’s lyrics are more heartwarming*

3) On the stage, who is the sexiest member?

YongHwa: Definitely me! Hehe.
MinHyuk: That’s right, it’s YongHwa Hyung.
YongHwa: Actually my sexiness is not shown intentionally, but naturally. Haha. And normally I’ll have to hide my sexiness, haha.
JongHyun: Oh I see~ haha. But i feel that when people are serious, then they’ll be sexy. Just like when JungShin is performing with all his might. But when he’s sweaty, he looks like nerd/old-fashioned.
JungShin: What? Old-fashioned?!
JongHyun: Ah, no la no la, very cute. Hehe.

4) Currently, what is your favorite song?

JungShin: I like our Japan debut song; I feel that this song is suitable for all ages. When performing live, the atmosphere is good as well.
Minhyuk: Quite a few~ too hard to choose just 1.
JongHyun: Me too can’t just choose 1. Because different song represent different memory.
YongHwa: If i really have to choose 1, I’ll choose because it has been sometimes since we’ve released a Korean album, so i would like to tell our Korean fans, I’m Sorry.

5) What songs do you listen to recently?

JungShin: K’s ~
YongHwa: Bruno Mars’ songs ~

6) Started liking music because…?

JongHyun: After I’ve watched Eric Clapton’s. After that I start to learn how to play guitar.
YongHwa: When I was 6 years old, my mom taught me how to play piano and vocal. And during high school, I learned how to play guitar.

7) Please use a phrase and describe yourself.

YongHwa: A down to earth person! Especially during work, I will not have mixed thoughts, just want to do the job well.
MinHyuk: A realistic person! Also hope to be a good father.
JongHyun: A man! (Mag author: As expected from a Busan man) Haha.
JungShin: An upright person! Hehe, I’m now living with a happy heart.

8) Other than music, what else are you passionate in?

Minhyuk: Now I’m learning something, but I can’t reveal what it is. I hope after I’ve finish learning, I’ll be able to show it to everybody and shock everyone.

9) During free time, what do you do?

JungShin: Er… We’ll go for a spin; actually 4 of us had already got our license! Recently YongHwa hyung and I will go for a spin to Han River. Park the car and stroll around. Before leaving, we’ll buy a cup of coffee and drink while going home. Oh yes, we also listen to our newly released single, It’s suitable to listen as we go for a spin.

10) Wouldn’t it be weird for 2 grown man to go for a spin together?

YongHwa: How is it weird? Haha. I feel that it’s okay. I feel good after going for a spin. It’s always just few of us.
JungShin: It’s okay for guys to go for a spin, our relationship are very good! (Mag author: Yes, I know that)

11) When you were schooling, did you refuse to wake up in the morning?

YongHwa: Actually how I wake up that time, i couldn’t really remember already~ But if i were to go back to that time, have to wake up so early everyday, i doubt i can do it.

epop 424.1

12) You all mostly got woke up by your mother or by alarm clock?

YongHwa + JungShin: Of course by mother!
MinHyuk: By alarm clock, but if i still doesn’t wake up then my mom will wake me up.
JongHyun: I woke up by myself, because my parents go to work very early.

13) With busy schedule, how do you energize yourselves?

JungShin: To be honest, compared to myself, I’m actually quite worried for other members.  Especially for YongHwa hyung’s throat/vocal. Actually YongHwa hyung and Jonghyun hyun did a lot, seeing them so tough, we felt apologetic.
YongHwa: Why not you are the main vocal?
JungShin: Ah, I’ll take back my words~ haha,

They are just like to play,
They are just playful,
And they’re CNBLUE!

14) Do you dare to experience haunted house? Or houses that got ghost?

CNBLUE: Seems interesting. We’re interested.
JongHyun: We like to watch horror movie, the 4 of us always watch together. But it’s too noisy so sometimes we couldn’t watch it
YongHwa: Yeah, especially JungShin. He’s really noisy, when it comes to the scary part, he’ll keep screaming, thus we couldn’t concentrate. Actually JungShin’s screaming is scarier than the ghost in the movie.
MinHyuk: Other than screaming, he’ll grab our kneecap too.
YongHwa: I don’t really like to watch movie with MinHyuk too. Because while watching, he’ll whispering: ‘ it’s coming… It’s coming, it will come too… .’ I couldn’t concentrate too. (Author: seems like all of you are quite brave) Compared to horror movies, I’m actually more afraid of cockroach. But JungShin is a expert in catching cockroach, he’s actually quite good.
JongHyun: True, I also feel that cockroach is quite scary.

15)  Is everyday the happiest moment?

JungShin: Shopping online! I’ll buy accessories and shoes online. I’m quite happy while buying.
Minhyuk: A break time during busy schedule. That moment is the happiest~ hehe.
JongHyun: Singing live, after celebration, and going home to bathe, is the happiest.
YongHwa: While sleeping~ haha.

16) Among members, who is the most interesting one?

JongHyun: YongHwa hyung! The first time I met him, I find him cool. But as we get along, he is actually very funny.
MinHyuk: JungShin! Because he is very mischievous and is a good maknae.
YongHwa: JungShin! Though he is not very funny, but he can make us laugh unknowingly.
JungShin: Of course it’s me. I’ll joke everyone and if I received good reaction, I’ll joke even more and better.

17) Among members, who is most chic (steady)?

JungShin: YongHwa hyung! Especially when buying clothes, as long as he likes it, he’ll buy it, without any hesitation. I admire his steadiness.

18) What members say about what kind of a person you are?

JongHyun: People around me always say that I’m a mature but members always say I’m like a kid.

19) What kind of girl do you feel is attractive?

MinHyuk: I enjoy watching Taiwan drama, female leads’ eyes are always very beautiful, and their smile is also very nice. I feel that this kind of girl is very attractive.
YongHwa: When together, girls who make me feel comfortable is most attractive. And she also has to do aegyo and a upright girl is also not bad~
JungShin: A girl who is serious at work is most attractive. And she have to understand me, a heartwarming girl is also okay.
JongHyun: Is happy when we’re together and understands me.

20) Ideal girl’s outfit?

Minhyuk: As long as it is suitable for her then it’s okay. The best is not to be too fanciful.
JungShin: I like girls with simple dressing. For example, white shirt with black pants and sport shoe, then it’s okay already. Not too complicated.
JongHyun: I also prefers simple outfit, just like a T-shirt with a jeans then is okay.
YongHwa: Me too, just like what JongHyun had said, a T-shirt with a jean is good enough.

21) Who do you want to meet the most?

MinHyuk: Me? I want to meet my future partner, is it possible?

epop 424.2

 *editor’s note: this magazine actually extracted from B-PASS MAGAZINE 2013 SEPTEMBER Issue*

Scanned by bluesssky

Trans by Joelle @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE on epop Magazine 424 edition

  1. I am excited to see just what MinHyuk is planning to surprise us with. The rest is funny, but typical answers for them. I feel they pick on JungShin a lot. I don’t know why, but it does not bother me, it’s funny. Doesn’t he know with his height he could be so menacing to them, but he is the maknae, so really he has no leg to stand on, right? Kkkkkk thanks for posting!!!!!

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