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CNBLUE’s Press Conference in Malaysia

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CNBLUE reached Malaysia yesterday (23rd August). And today’s schedule is full, attended media interview, press conference, fanmeeting and brand activities etc. Although it’s very rush but they’re very funny.

As they come in, they kept saying “Apa Khabar” (Hello), they should have practiced long for it right? As Jonghyun being asked about being a judo master, he answered, he doesn’t have to do anything as there are bodyguards protecting him. (laughs)

And the maknae, Jungshin is actually the tallest and has the look of a model. When asked if he made use of his height to bully his hyungs, he answered loudly. “No!” Then do he wants to be a model? He said, “During the tour in Japan (Zepp tour), he will give the members some fashion advice, and also Malaysia’s weather is similar to Korea’s during summer.”

YongHwa is funny as well. As he come in, he kept saying “Put your hands up” for no reason. (Should be preparing for the concert, right?) The MC teased him by saying, “You’re amazing!”. And he actually answered, “I know” thickskinnedly, and make everyone laughed. The media asked if they feel they’re any different as they are busy performing for the world tour. YongHwa asked they mean fashion or looks, He answered, “For fashion, I’m thankful for the advises from stylist.”

When asked, where does his inspirations for composing come from, he answered, “It’s all natural.” and suddenly said “Oh Malaysia……This is my Nostalgia…..”

When asked Minhyuk if he prefers being a singer or acting, he answered, “I like both. But playing as a band is what we emphasize on. Recently I’m also learning how to compose, YongHwa hyung has also taught me a lot. Speaking of Malaysia, he told me that we’ve to eat satay, and I’ve tried before, it’s really delicious.”


trans by Joelle @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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