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CN Blue to Publish ‘Blue Travel’ with Photos Taken in Australia

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For the fans who missed the CN Blue members while they′re on their world tour, CN Blue will be releasing a photo book filled with pictures taken in Australia.

This photo book is the first since CN Blue’s debut and will include photos taken during CN Blue’s stay in Australia.


As a photo book that highlights unfamiliar places, unfamiliar people, and unfamiliar languages, Blue Travelwill have each member covering the different themes of nostalgia, shelter, experience, and healing.

The photos were taken in deserts, oceans, hills, parks and many other locations that captured the beauty of Australia, making the emotional journey taken by the CN Blue members valuable.

Along with the 180-page photo book, a DVD of the making film will be included as well as randomly distributed handwritten messages and signatures of the members.

The photo book will be released on September 26. Pre-orders begin September 5.


Source of article: MWave

Source of the photos: FNC Entertainment

Posted by Tara Lee and Linda @ cnboice


One thought on “CN Blue to Publish ‘Blue Travel’ with Photos Taken in Australia

  1. words….i have none. thank you people of Australia, for making our guys feel this comfortable while shooting. 🙂 nice post!

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