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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin in Taiwan for Kpopstar Hunt 3, eTV Interview


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MC: JungShin is rarely comes to Taiwan and now the press conference is full of fans. Do you have anything you want to share with them?

JungShin: I feel so sorry that I came here alone. I haven’t seen everyone for quite a while, and I’m really happy to have the chance to meet all of you here and at the airport

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MC: Please give JungShin some more applause.

JungShin: Da Jia Hao (Hello, everyone) 

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MC: I know that JungShin’s schedule is really tight in these two days. You was in Singapore previously and flied to Taiwan in the early morning, and have finished interview in Regent Taipei Hotel already. Now, you come to the press conference with a great responsibility. Will you please share with everyone your task?

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JungShin: Channel M and FNC co-operate to hold the activity for K-pop Star Hunt and they want to discover more talent people apart from Korea in Asia. I hope some of you can become my colleague and we can make music together.

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JungShin: Xie Xei (turn to the translator) (Thank you)

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MC: Great! Hope we can take the opportunity to discover many excellent future stars. Of course, we would like to know did JungShin join any similar activity or competition to star hunt before being one of CNBLUE? Have you been scooted?

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JungShin: No, I have never been in any other competitions or activities except FNC audition.

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MC: Could JungShin tell us why he attend FNC audition?

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JungShin: At first, I was discovered by FNC and I started to develop my star dream when I became a trainee.

MC: I would like to know that if JungShin is one of the competitors, what kind of performance he will show? Could he share to everyone? Dancing?

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JungShin: I will find out my strength if I am one of the competitors. For example, if your strength is singing or dancing, you have to magnify this portion and show to the judges.

js in taiwan22

MC: OK! After listening to JungShin’s advice, hope everyone can show the best of yourself if you make is to final in Korea, no matter singing or dancing.

Source eTV

Caps and Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

Edited and  Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice /bpb decoded


Author: tara lee

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