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CNBLUE Lee Jungshin in Taiwan for Kpopstar Hunt

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js in taiwan

CNBLUE JungShin Visited Taiwan. Fans were failed to Celebrate His Birthday.

Korean band CNBLUE is very popular in Taiwan, and the youngest bassist Lee JungShin comes to Taiwan alone for promoting Korean talent show (Kpop Hunt 3). He arrived at 5:40 from Singapore to Taiwan, and more than 100 fans were waiting for him at the Taiwan TaoYuan airport.

JungShin is tall, handsome, friendly and polite. He went to Singapore and now came to Taiwan in 2 days but didn’t complain about any tiredness. He showed up at the outdoor press conference and said “I come here alone, really sorry!” Fans found he is so cute and replied “That’s will be fine” in Korean. The press conference lasted about 20 minutes, and after the conference, lots of staffs led JungShin’s away. In the original press release notes, fans should be able to give a surprise to celebrate JungShin’s 9/15 birthday, but the organizer responded that JungShin’s schedule is tight and has no time for the activity. Fans can’t help but carrying the beautiful cake at the press conference with disappointment. It’s a pity fans couldn’t have a happy ending of this activity.

js in taiwan3

9/15 will be JungShin’s birthday, and Taiwan fans customized a beautiful cake and prepared birthday song as a surprise to him. It’s a pity organizer responded that JungShin’s schedule is tight and has no time for the activity; he has to leave for boarding at the airport. The press conference ended by 3:20PM and JungShin’s flight is on 7:00PM, so that’s why fans couldn’t help but feeling disappointed.

This talent show (Kpop Hunt) will be season 3, and hosted by Korean TV station. The winner will have the chance to be trained by CNBLUE’s agency. JungShin said, hope the talent show will discover excellent people and welcome everyone being his colleague! He also said that some people are born with talent but still some can be trained and take practice. He encouraged young people have the dream to be a star should be confident and keep challenging him/herself to make a success. JungShin was discovered by the agency but the training and practice were not easy. He used to use crazy-glue on his wound to replace band-aid. He said the way he dealt with his wound was not good for health but he was thinking all about practice and performance at that time. If he used band-aid, it would influence playing bass.

JungShin is friendly and kind. He co-operated to make lots postures for photo shooting and felt shy in the end.

JungShin arrived at Taiwan in early morning and went to Regent Teipei Hotel for resting, interviewing and also eating the famous snack “steamed dumpling” and then headed to the press conference. He will take 7:15PM flight back to Korea. He stays 14 hours in Taiwan only. It’s a pity for Taiwan fans not able to celebrate JungShin’s birthday which will be two days after.

 js in taiwan9

JungShin listened to and answered questions carefully, sometimes he thought while furrowing his brows. Fans said “Super cute!”

CNBLUE正信炫風急訪台 粉絲熱情慶生慘遭拒


正信高挑帥氣、親切有禮,兩天內新加坡、台灣趕場不嫌累。他一現身戶外記者會會場馬上表示:「只有我一個人來,很抱歉!」粉絲直呼超可愛,用韓文回應 「沒關係!」不過戶外記者會僅進行20分鐘,大票工作人員趕忙領著正信離去,在新聞稿上原先寫明記者會最後全場粉絲將為9月15日生日的正信驚喜慶生,主辦單位回應藝人時間有限只能臨時腰斬。粉絲捧著漂亮的翻糖蛋糕在場邊滿臉無奈,可惜不能為活動畫下圓滿句點。



Source nyam ent

Trans by Noelle @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


Author: tara lee

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