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Branding in K-pop: The Boys

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Brand: The Rockstars

CNBLUE redefined what it meant to be an idol. Based on their career, the definition of an idol is a talented performer who happens to be beautiful. In this group, there are no “useless” visuals who do nothing but look pretty, nor are there any good dancers who hardly know how to sing. They show us that you can be an idol without killer dance moves, flashy clothing, and weird hairstyles. With them, there are no gimmicks, just raw talent. They want their fans to focus on their music. There are fans who, in order to justify the fact that their biases can’t do much, love to point out that idols are performers who don’t actually need to know how to sing.

CNBLUE shows that performing doesn’t necessarily include dancing or eye-catching outfits. Their performances are as simple as it gets. Their success rests more on the fact they sound like no other group. K-pop, as you may have noticed, is pretty much a soup of the same stuff, so having CNBLUE bringing in alternative rock to the industry is a breath of fresh air. They’re super talented rockstars who, without a doubt, are part of the K-pop elite.

Relevance: CNBLUE introduced diversity to K-pop. They showed us that there’s more to being an idol than glittery suits and sexy dance moves. They’re talented. They sell a lot of merchandise, so if their band was an experiment, then it’s obvious that it succeeded. You can see their influence in new groups like Lunafly, LedApple, and JJ Project.

Lesson: You don’t need gimmicks. Talent trumps everything else. And maybe a sprinkle of hot guys adds a little something to the recipe.

*Note: I cut out the parts which weren’t relative to CNBLUE*


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One thought on “Branding in K-pop: The Boys

  1. Nice article. Very right on!!! thanks for posting (the important parts)

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