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CNBLUE’s Yonghwa multi-tasks as an undercover boss for ‘The Future Choice’

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CNBLUE-Yonghwa_1379461870_af_orgCNBLUE’s Yonghwa will show his different charms by playing a man who lives a double life for upcoming KBS 2TV drama ‘The Future Choice’!

Yonghwa plays the role of Park Sae Ju who seems like your average VJ, but is secretly an undercover boss as a grandson of the broadcast station’s CEO. Yonghwa held his first filming at a KBS radio studio where he is seen comfortably listening to music but gets serious when he needs to be. Yonghwa has been selective about his dramas and fans can’t wait to see his charisma as an actor once again on the small screen.

The singer and actor shared, “Although I was very nervous for my first filming, the atmosphere on set was great so I received energy from that. I was able to concentrate on my character more easily and act to the fullest. I will do my best until the very end to act out my character Park Sae Ju perfectly.”

‘The Future Choice’ is directed by ‘Bad Love’ and ‘Detectives in Trouble’s Kwon Kye Hong and written by ‘Beethoven Virus’ and ‘The King 2 Hearts’ Hong Jin Ah. The drama will be incorporating the ‘time slip’ concept in which a writer working for a broadcast station goes back in time to meet her past self and advise herself on her life.

Catch the premiere following ‘Good Doctor’ on October 14!


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