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Press Conference: 2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in Jakarta

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After two years of waiting, finally CNBLUE – who actually planned to make their first visit to Indonesia back in 2011, but unfortunately cancelled – come through their world tour, 2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour Live in  Jakarta. The press conference which hosted by Tike Prijatnakusumah and Okti as translator held at Intercontinental Midplaza Hotel in South Jakarta on 3.30 PM.

The 15 minutes press conference filled by 10 different questions for CNBLUE fortunately run smoothly and the boys seemed excited which made the conference felt cozier. CNBLUE also learned some Indonesian words and used them to greet the press in front of them.

Below are questions for CNBLUE which asked on the conference.

1) Do you have any words for Indonesian BOICE?
We finally come here. We want to make the best and sweetest memories with Indonesian BOICE.

2) How do you feel about performing in Indonesia and your first time in Jakarta?
Because there was some problem before, we couldn’t come to Indonesia, but we finally here and we want to meet Indonesian fans.

3) What does “Blue Moon” actually mean?
If there was “full moon” then with “blue moon” we want to be twice greater than “full moon”. So it’s not one time “full moon”, but it’s an extraordinary “blue moon”

4) With all the schedule you got now, like drama for Yonghwa and Minhyuk, and many other, how do you manage to prepare for the concert?
We have started our preparation for the concert since before April. And between our busy schedules we always try to make time for practice.

5) What is your hope for this tour in Indonesia?
We have released our latest album, RE:BLUE, in early 2013 so we hope through this concert fans can hear our new songs live. This can be a special treat for our fans who usually just hear them through CDs and their music players.

6) How do you feel about your success through these years?
Our goal is to make our songs worldwide and for everyone to be able to hear our songs.

7) Why do you think CNBLUE loved by fans?
Because we are handsome (haha), we can play music instruments well, and we wrote songs well too.

8) Through CNBLUE’s music career, what is the happiest moment for you? Is it when you got first in music shows? Or is it when you saw your concert venue filled with fans?
Our happiest moment are when we were visiting different countries like now, hold solo concert, and seeing foreign fans singing our songs.

9) Do you have plan after finishing Blue Moon World Tour?
We plan to make Blue Moon annual tour whether it held every year or two. Yonghwa and Minhyuk are going to be busy with their drama. And CNBLUE is planning to release new album next year.

10) Any message for Indonesian BOICE?
MH: Terima kasih Indonesia BOICE. Kami sangat senang datang ke Indonesia (Thank you Indonesian BOICE. We are very happy to come to Indonesia)
JS: Menunggu kami, terima kasih (he meant to say “terima kasih telah menunggu kami” which means “thank you for waiting us”)
JH: Menunggu kami, terima kasih (imitating Jungshin)
YH: Aku cinta kalian (I love you all)

Press conference ended with a photo session with the boys, then Jungshin, Jonghyun, Yonghwa, and Minhyuk bowed deeply to the medias and left the venue.

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