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CNBLUE Interview on Creasta Magazine Vol.18

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We want to keep having our live at the venue where the distance between we and fans is close.


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CNBLUE released their 6th single in Japan on July 11th. All songs in this single were composed by Yonghwa and he is established position as a composer. CNBLUE was holding Zepp tour from July to August, and each member active as an actor. They told us their new song, each part in recording and the key for  doing much work at the same time.


—You released 6th single in Japan ‘Lady’ tho, were all songs composed by you, Yonghwa?

Yonghwa: ‘Lady’ has an atmosphere like a disco. The rhythm of the dance was added, it made this song to fit for the summer.

—The MV of ‘Lady’ was revealed, do you have some episode for shooting?

Yonghwa: Because our schedule was very tight, we have only one day for this shooting. But MV was nice done, I’m happy.

Minhyuk: This song is a kind of happy music. We shot this MV like a live performance.

—What kind of image did you take the cover photo of ‘Lady”?

Yonghwa: We used lots of lights and made a mystic atmosphere.

Minhyuk: I think that is a cool photo by fancy and misty lights.

Jungshin: I cared about lights to create a sexy atmosphere.

—You might spend many times in the recording studio. What atmosphere the recording studio has?

Yonghwa: We usually record in a cozy atmosphere, so we have a laughing rather than tense feeling.

Minhyuk : I sometimes go to Yonghwa-hyeong’s room tho, when Yonghwa-hyeong makes a song, I feel he is great. I listen to it quietly.

Jungshin: When a recording, we enter the studio one by one, and there are times that other members watch it. For example, when I record a song, Yonghwa-hyeong comes there as a director and sometimes makes an arrangement for a song. Jonghyun-hyeong seems to feel funny that I have recorded, He comes and get into the rhythm with me.

— You are going to release 2nd album in Japan ‘What turns you on?” so, what turns you on?

Yonghwa: A process for making an album, and live tour.

Jonghyun: A music and sports

Minhyuk : I do my best for everything and go in far. So when I prepare for our live, I got involved in it.

Jungshin: I think it is music.


—You will attend ‘Summer Sonic’ and ‘Rock In Japan’, aren’t you?  Do you get influence or stimulation by attending in these events that Japan and overseas artist gather for? Is there anything looking forward to?

Yonghwa: It is our first time so we have the tense feeling but we hope we have a fun. A rock festival always must be so.

Jonghyun: We have watched that live in 2007. This time, we will appear on that stage. It is such an honor to join it.

Minhyuk : I have been ‘Summer Sonic’, but this time we will able to stand on a stage as an artist not an audience. I am looking forward to perform while enjoying.

Jungshin: I want to see the performance of METALLICA, MUSE and Linkin Park in ‘Summer Sonic’ . ‘Summer Sonic’ is my first time to be attending, I have an expectation for it, also ‘Rock In Japan’. I was impressed ‘Ongaku to Hige tachi 2011’ in Niigata. I heard ‘Rock In Japan’ is held outside, so I can’t wait to perform there.

— Your Zepp tour is started from July. Do you still have a plan to continue having a live at the venue such as small live house?

Yonghwa: I hope so. It is good to have a live at huge venue, but precisely, we can feel fan’s heart directly in a small venue.

Jonghyun: Both of venue have a spark. I want to continue to have at both of them.

Minhyuk: I want to do lots of live performance without depends a venue. Because there will be many new songs in this Zepp tour, the live will become fun!

Jungshin: I want we will continue having our live even a small venue. Because Zepp tour venue is small, we would get feedback from fan quickly. So we are going to do our live at Zepp venue.

—You have been in Arena tour in the past, did you have any change in your mental ?

Yonghwa: I have getting the feeling of expectation than pressure. I expect that what kind of concert can we make this time?  How big we are growing up…?

Jonghyun: In every performance, my heart races. I stand on the stage as if I always do a live for the first time

Minhyuk: I don’t get a pressure. I want to make much better perform and fans hope so. While a live, I am happy to see everybody enjoy a live.

Jungshin: For me, lots of pressure and happiness. I always feel thanks to fans who are coming our live, and try so hard that not to disappoint them.

—You were on an indie label in 2009 and you debuted in major on 2011. Do you remember the time of your indie label?

Yonghwa: Yes. I often remember it. I could never be the me right now if there wasn’t at that past

Jonghyun: When I have a hard time, I remember at that time and I make up my mind to work harder.

Minhyuk: I often remember it too. I was happy, and thank to at that time to this day. I have lots of memories.

Jungshin: When I go to Japan each time, I remember that. I still have the same feeling that I had long ago in my heart, and I want to be true to the original intention.


—You have had live in overseas except Japan, Is it a difference the atmosphere in each country?

Yonghwa: It is only different a language, the cheering is widely. So I am looking forward to it even if I go to wherever the place is.

Jonghyun: Wherever we go, the atmosphere is very good and warm. I had had a hard experience that the meal is not suiting me though.

Minhyuk : Each country doesn’t have big differences. I thank to fans to enjoy our live.

Jungshin: I also think it doesn’t have big difference. Every time I feel that people of the whole world can reach across with a music. I have not felt the big cultural difference.

—You have had shuffled session with FTISLAND before. If you had session with other band, which band do you want to have?

Yonghwa: Any band is good. It is great to play a music together.

Jonghyun: I want to do that with One Ok Rock.

Minhyuk: Any band is good too. I want to session as possible as we can.

Jungshin: I am excited to attend such as the festival like ‘Rock In Japan’ or ‘Summer Sonic’.

— All members are active in actor. Jungshin appears ‘Blade and Petal’, Minhyuk will appear in ‘Inheritors’, etc. You have to do as an actor and a band, What is the key of doing both of works in the same time?

Minhyuk: I will do my best on music activity ad an actor. That’s it.

Jungshin: My schedule is very tight but I am still young…(Laugh) Because about the work that I want to do, I can do that without sleeping. So I don’t worry about our live tour nor drama shooting. I believe myself that I can concentrate on these.

—Do you ever help them practice their acting?

Yonghwa: I can’t help everything but I try to do as much as I can.

Jonghyun: Of course I do.

Minhyuk: I watch member’s drama and we sometimes talk about acting to each other.

—How do you spend your day-off? Is there something that is prevalent among members?

Yonghwa: We play a game together.

Jonghyun: We play some sport or something like that…

Minhyuk: We talk to each other.

Jungshin: Even if I had a day-off, I would not go out so far. Now I try to change my mind. I keep a cool when I work and even day-off.

—Please message for fans

Yonghwa: Please give your love to ‘Lady’ , also album that will be released on Aug 28th well. See you at the live venue!! Thank you.

Jonghyun: I will do my best the same as it used to. See you at the live venue!

Minhyuk: We would like to have lots of live in the future. I want many fans come to our live and enjoy it. See you at the live venue.

Jungshin: After starting Zepp tour, we will release ‘Lady’ on July 31st and ‘What turns you on?’ that is our 2nd album in Japan on Aug 18th. And personally, I have shooting of ‘Blade and Patal’ now. Please give your support and love for it. Thank you.


Question and Answer about?


Q: What is a best way to survive this summer?

Yonghwa: Doing some sports and getting sweaty

Jonghyun: I thought the same

Minhyuk : Taking a shower.

Jungshin: Sitting in front of the air conditioner (Laugh)

Q: What prize do you want to give to yourself?

Yonghwa: Trip. It is okay wherever.

Jonghyun: Day-off

Minhyuk: Free time.

Jungshin: Delicious meal and day-off.

Q: A habit That was known only by members

Jonghyun: Jungshin sleeps with his eyes open.

Jungshin: oh, I thought you were going to say that.


Scanned by Cara cnboice

Trans by Satomi cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee cnboice/bpb decoded


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