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Release event on 10/2 in Japan (by K-Style)

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“CNBLUE told about their struggle for their composing song”

It is hard to write a lyric in Japanese… The release event was over successfully.


A premium event for releasing their 2nd album ‘What turns you on?’ was held on Oct 2nd at Differ Ariake. 1,000 lucky fans who were selected by lottery were invited, there was an air of excitement in the venue.

“Hello~, we are CNBLUE!”

When CNBLUE appeared on the stage, the venue took on added heat more.

Jungshin asked fans “ Which song do you like?” and fan answered “everything!”. When member heard it, they nodded with satisfaction.

Yonghwa: I feel contented with this album since we did our best with our recording and arrangements for this album a lot. We made ‘One ore Time’ as a upgrade version of ‘The Way Part1~One Time~’

Minhyuk: ‘One More Time’ is groovy song and I like it, but actually when I practiced it, it was too hard to play. The recording was so fun though…

Jonghyun: We have enabled to write a lyric in English. But since we don’t have vocabularies enough, it is hard for us to write a lyric in Japanese. Especially an expression is very hard for us.”

And then CNBLUE showed a surprise announcement!

“Our first documentary film ‘The story of CNBLUE NEVER STOP’ will be released on Jan 17th. It includes our first world tour, Zepp tour, Summer Sonic and our private scene! Since there are lots of our private scenes, we’re affraid the response from fans though…  We want you to pay an attention about it”

The film tells their passion for their past, present and future.

On that day, their Live DVD ’Zepp Tour 2013 ~Lady~ @Zepp Tokyo’ was released. The member said this DVD has lots of cool scenes. And also said that they have learned a lot from this tour.

About their tour that will be held from November, they said “ in the same song, it is different the way to show it. We want to play only we could in Arena.”

The end of the event, there were some lottery, the lucky fan could get a photo, photo book with autograph and Jonghyun’s guitar!

Their DVD was released on Oct 2nd, their Arena tour will start from Nov 1st and their documentary film will be revealed on Jan 17th.


Source Kstlye

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpbdecoded


One thought on “Release event on 10/2 in Japan (by K-Style)

  1. Amazing! I look forward to the documentary DVD. Our boys are fascinating!

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