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CNBLUE Present Release Event


Prior to the upcoming “PRESENT” release on November 26th, CNBLUE held special release even through CNBLUE Official Facebook. Asking Boice to guess which hand is match with the member.


To help Boice in guessing, Minhyuk and Jungshin gave hint by posted selca of their upclose fingers.


Jungshin : 운동중이라 얼굴은 감출게요… 이 고운 손과 닮은 사진은???? 손이 좀 까맣죠??ㅋㅋ

Jungshin : In the middle of exercising, so I’ll hide my face… The photo of these fine hands resemble???? Hands are a little dark right?? ㅋㅋ


Minhyuk : 이 손이랑 닮은 사진은 누굴까요? 베스트 앨범!! 왜 베스트앨범이겠어!! 많이 사랑해주세요!!

Minhyuk : Whose hand is this in the photo? Best album!! Why is it best album!! Please give it a lot of love!!

On November 1st the boys revealing the correct answer by updating various SNS.

Starting by Minhyuk at Twitter @CN_FANCLUB



Minhyuk : 모두 맞추셨나요? 핑크색 꽃을 들고있는 꽃의 주인공은 바로 CNBLUE의 멋진 드러머 “민혁”군이었습니다. 어제 민혁군이 보낸 힌트가 도움이 되셨나요?? 그럼 다음 정답 공개까지 모두 SNS 채널에 집중!!

Minhyuk : Did everyone match it? Holding the pink flowers is CNBLUE’s wonderful drummer Minhyuk. Was the hint Minhyuk sent yesterday helpful?? Stay tuned to SNS channels to know the next correct answer!

Jungshin at CNBLUE Kakao Talk


The answer for Japan Best Album [PRESENT] event you’ve been waiting for is here! The second answer revealed on CNBLUE Kakao Plus. It’s Jungshin’s hand! Where will the next answer be released?

Jonghyun at CNBLUE Weibo



Jonghyun : 안녕하세요. 기타치는 종현입니다. 웨이보는 오랜만이네요ㅋㅋ 세번째 정답은 바로 저 입니다! 제 손인줄 다 알아보셨나요?ㅋ 마지막 정답인 용화형은 어디서 공개될까요??? 조금만 더 기다려주세요ㅋㅋ 이번 베스트 앨범도 많이 사랑해주시구요

Jonghyun :  Hello. It’s guitarist Jonghyun. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on Weibo ㅋㅋ The third answer is me! How did you know it was my hand? ㅋ Where will the final answer for Yonghwa be revealed??? Please wait just a little more ㅋㅋ Please give Best Album a lot of love too

And the last one is Yonghwa at CNBLUE Line



Finally the answer for CNBLUE JAPAN BEST ALBUM [PRESENT] event which you’ve been all waiting for is here!! The last answer will be on CNBLUE  NAVER LINE home. I bet you all recognized the hand of Yonghwa

And to complete the evet, FNC uploaded all the boys photos at CNBLUE Official Facebook





To promote “PRESENT” in Japan, Yonghwa and Minhyuk posted four selca of them at CNBLUE Japan Official Fanclub


Source CNBLUE Japan Official Fanclub, CNBLUE Official SNS

Written by Tara Lee cnboice

Prepare n Trans by Nadya and Noelle cnboice

Posted by Nadya @ cnboice


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  1. Great post. I got two of them right! Oh well. It was great seeing all these shots together!!! Thank you

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