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CNBLUE’s First Best Album will be released!


cnblue japan best-present cover

CNBLUE’s First Best Album will be released! ‘These are remade-songs in Korean that were songs released in Japan’

FNC entertainment revealed that the album title is ‘CNBLUE JAPAN BEST-PRESENT’ and it includes 10 songs that were composed by them and were released in JAPAN.

Since this is the first time to release their Best Album with self-composed  remade-songs in Korean, it is receiving attention.

The CNBLUE members rewrote all 10 songs, they put their heart in their songs which are included in this Best Album.

The title song of this Best Album is ‘Lady’ that is composed by Yonghwa. It has arranged, disco-like sounds of the 70’s in modern sounds.

‘Lady’ is a popular song that has ranked 2nd place in the Oricon Daily Single Ranking, and has been in 1st place in the Chakuuta Ranking in Japan. It is not only ‘Lady’ but also ‘One More Time’ ‘Blind Love’ ‘Robot’ ‘Time Is over’ ‘Come On’ ‘Let Me Know’ ‘I Can’t Believe’ and ‘My Miracle’ which will be released in a Korean Version.

There is a release event on their official Facebook account.


Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice


2 thoughts on “CNBLUE’s First Best Album will be released!

  1. Oooooo….I look forward to this. Love the Japanese versions, so I would enjoy hearing the Korean version.

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