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Park Seju becomes part of the second man syndrome in his Korean drama?


cnblue yonghwa mhiyd

Park Seju, played by CNBLUE’s YongHwa, is becoming part of the second man syndrome in Korean dramas?

There is a second man syndrome in Korean dramas.

The man who is not chosen by a woman in the love triangle relations that are one woman and two good-looking men. Even though he is the rejected lover, he keeps his love for her and hopes for her happiness. This second man can never be a first man.

Even though he’s not loved by the heroine, this second man is loved by viewers.

While the first man is in the spotlight, this second man gets the attention bit by bit. In Korean dramas that were popular in Japan, Yoon JiHoo played by Kim HyunJoong (‘Boys Over Flowers’) and Kang ShinWoo played by YongHwa (‘You Are Beautiful’) are represented as a second man.

The fan’s mind who love this second man is subtle. They hope for his happiness but also love his wistful mind. So they don’t want him to be happy. This fan’s contradicting mind supports the second man.

How about Park Seju played by YongHwa?

Just now, in all of the 16 episodes of this drama, the relations between Park Seju and Mirae is weak. The fans worry that he might become the second man, but they also must be crazy about him.


Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice


2 thoughts on “Park Seju becomes part of the second man syndrome in his Korean drama?

  1. No…not another Shin Woo. That was hard to see…it made me so happy when Lee Shin got the girl in Heartstrings….it was a little redemption. In this show MHIYD…I am so torn. I like both characters, but I am really pulling for Seju. Please don’t let him be the second man…..although my love for him, will never change. Fighting!!!!

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