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@CNBLUE_4 : 끝! 오사카공연이 끝났습니다! 전 몹시배고픈상태..영혼없음ㅋ 여러분 우리 present앨범들어보셨나요? 빨리 한국에서도 앨범에 담긴 곡들을 들려드리고싶어요 빨리 그 기회를 만들어보도록 하겠습니다..present! 주위분들에게 많이 홍보해주세요! 좋은밤되세요 아그리고 전 홍기형타입ㅋ

@CNBLUE_4 : Done! Osaka concert has ended! I’m in a terribly hungry state.. I have no soul ㅋ Has everyone listened to our PRESENT album? I want to hear the songs in the album as soon as possible in Korea too, I want to create that opportunity as soon as possible.. present! Please promote to a lot of people around you! Have a good night. Ah, and I’m Hongki hyung type ㅋ


Source CNBLUE Official TWITTER

Trans by Nadya @ cnboice

Posted by Nadya @ cnboice


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