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@CNBLUE_4 : 여기 잠들기전 present!! 여러분 곧 올해 마지막 12월이네요 마지막까지 미래의선택 상속자들 저희 모든 공연까지 사랑해주세요~! 씨엔블루의 주옥같은 명곡들 주변사람들에게 선물하고 들려주세요! 너무 아끼는 베스트앨범이에요 많이 사랑해주세요 아! 참고로 저는 용화형 타입이더라구요ㅋㅋ굿나잇

@CNBLUE_4 : This is my present of ways to sleep!! Please send a lot of loves until the upcoming December for MHIYD and Heirs for it’ll be the last~! Please tell people around you about CNBLUE’s fantastic gifts! Please gives lots of love to this valuable album. Ah! Please take note that I’m YongHwa hyung type ㅋㅋㅋ good night

Source CNBLUE Official TWITTER

Trans by Nadya @ cnboice

Posted by Nadya @ cnboice


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