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CNBLUE Best Album ‘PRESENT’ Korean Version will be released

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CNBLUE’s first Best Album ‘Present’
Korean ver. will be released on Jan. 29. 2014.

This best album is a double album and includes 20 songs that are from one of their full albums and five mini-albums.

– l  Limited Edition (2 CDs + DVD)  WPZL-30815/7

¥3,990 (in Tax)

– l  Regular Edition (2 CDs)  WPCL-11687/8

¥3,360 (in Tax)


[Disc 1]

01. I’m a Loner

02. LOVE

03. Love Light

04. Intuition


06. Imagine

07. Hey You

08. I’m Sorry

09. Coffee Shop



[Disc 2]

01. Sweet Holiday

02. Black Flower

03. Tattoo

04. Eclipse

05. Still in Love

06. Rock n’ Roll

07. Run

08. More Than You

09. Man like me

10. La La La


[Disc 3]

DVD (Limited Edition only)

Content unknown


Inclusions : 2014 Half Year Calender

Limited Edition: First half year

Regular Edition: last half year


For first press only.


Translated by Satomami @ cnboice

Edited and posted by Linda @ cnboice


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