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“Te Amo” New Year’s greetings from CNBlUE from Mexico

CNBLUE, “Mexico, Te Amo!”
What happened in Mexico City? CNBLUE’s exclusive concert made 5000 people go wild! Latin America World Tour’s first destination Mexico’s wild site
Hello. This is CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa.
Are you enjoying your holiday~? Happy New Year and I hope your 2014 will be filled with happiness. CNBLUE is spending the holiday with the Latin America Would Tour. The first performance of the tour started in Mexico few days ago. We’d like to share our first visit in Mexico with you!
We have been to Chile last year for a music show once, but this was first time in Mexico for us. A lot of fans welcomed and moved us at the airport of Mexico City!

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bmmexico11We were exhausted because we traveled to Mexico right after our concerts in New York and LA but when we me saw all the fans yelling out ‘CNBLUE’ as we stepped on the Mexico City, we were so moved and happy.

bmmexico1As usual, we have an interview with the media of the location before the concert. The members are parodying the interview~ hahaha. Jung Shin and I are interviewing Min Hyuk. What do you think? Do we look professional~?

bmmexico2This photo is taken during the interview with a Mexican media. We are in the middle of the interview with the greetings; ‘Hola~’, ‘Hola Mexico’, ‘Somos CNBLUE’.

bmmexicoThese are photos of us rehearsing full heartedly. Starting with concentrated bassist, Lee Jung Shin!

bmmexico3Drummer Kang Min Hyuk is in a concentrating mode too~. We take our rehearsal very seriously and that’s why we can feel the seriousness from their faces.

bmmexico4Guitarist Jong Hyun is checking the sounds, too.

bmmexico12This is me drinking water~. I remember feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time by the thought that the place will be filled by the 5000 audiences. We had heard that the tickets were sold out early, so we were really excited for the concert.

bmmexico10On the outside of the ‘Pepsi Center WTC’ in Mexico City, hundreds of fans were waiting for the concert in a line since the day before the concert.. 

bmmexico5Ta da~ Our concert started. I practiced Spanish for the concert in Mexico. I wanted to communicate with the Mexican fans more~. I was so delighted when the fans responded in excitement to my performance of a song with the lyrics ‘Mexico, te amo’. I felt really great that I was able to speak to the fans in Spanish and make them feel even more excited.

bmmexico6Thanks to the passionate Mexican audience, I was able to pour my heart and energy out passionately on the stage happily. The members of our group were also absorbed in the music, the show and the cheer.bmmexico7


Thanks to the passionate Mexican audience, I was able to pour my heart and energy out passionately on the stage happily. The members of our group were also absorbed in the music, the show and the cheer.

bmmexico7With the light and cheer pouring upon us, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun playing guitar,

bmmexico8Performing a fascinating drum, drummer Kang Min Hyuk~

bmmexico9And the bassist Lee Jung shin, playing bass as he communicates with the audience. We all were very amused how there are so many fans on the other side of the planet who love CNBLUE’s music. We were very grateful and the concert was unforgettable. Impressively passionate audiences in Mexico, we love you and thank you so much! ‘Mexico, te amo!’
We are going to continue with the enthusiasm and energy and finish our concert in San Tiago, Chile on the 31st and head back to Korea~.
Happy New Year!!

Writer : Jung Yong Hwa
Photos : FNC Entertainment

Via naver


Repost Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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씨엔블루가 칠레에서 보내온 메시지:
“여러분~ 새해 복 많이 받으시고, 즐거운 설 연휴 보내세요! 저희는 칠레에서 가족들에게 전화로나마 설 인사를 전했고, 여기서 떡국 먹었어요.”

CNBLUE’s message from Chile:
“Hello everyone, wish you have happy Lunar New Year Holidays! Currently we stay in Chile and shared New Year’s greetings with family via telephone call. Besides we had ‘Ddeok guk’(rice cake soup) here, too!”


Source CNBLUE Official Facebook

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K-Pop’s hottest pop-rock act opened the US leg of their Blue Moon World Tour with a show in Times Square.


Even a snowmageddon raging outside on a frigid Tuesday night couldn’t stop popular K-pop band CNBLUE from hosting a nonstop rock party! The band hit the stage last week at New York City’s Best Buy Theater, turning a grumpy crowd complaining about the weather delay into a screaming one ready for some rock ‘n roll.


CNBLUE’s Blue Moon World Tour, which kicked off last April in Taiwan, marks the first-ever solo world tour for a Korean rock band, bringing with it the opportunity for East Coast fans to see CNBLUE live for the very first time.



Kang Minhyuk (drums), Lee Jungshin (bass), Lee Jonghyun (lead guitar/vocals), and Jung Yonghwa (rhythm guitar/vocals) set the tone of the show with opening track “Where You Are.” No lip-syncing or choreographed dance numbers in this concert. Stage constraints on music shows like Inkigayo and Music Bank do this band no favors, because live performances are where CNBLUE’s talent really shines. Any lingering doubts about their live skills were blown away during blazing guitar solos, interlude jam sessions, and extended track intros.


The fact that they can actually play feeds into CNBLUE’s status as one of K-pop’s perfect-storm boy bands with their talent, good-looks, and incredible stage presence. The members’ excitement and energy was infectious, shown through all their playful interactions onstage, pow-wows around Minhyuk’s drum set, and huge, ever-present grins. Even so, Jungshin checked in with the fans every chance he got: “Are you guys having fun?”



And they most definitely were. At various points during the concert, the band members took turns addressing the audience in clearly-scripted, yet endearing English, eliciting much laughter and choruses of “Awwwww!” Yonghwa, frontman and king of charms, starred in some of the best moments outside of the official setlist. Employing his best American accent (“This city is the centerrr of the worrrld, right?”), he led short renditions of “N.Y. State of Mind” and “Empire State of Mind,” even beat-boxing his way through Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”


The first half of the show was populated with B-sides and lesser-known Korean versions of their Japanese singles, which helped the diehard fans who knew every line stand out from those not singing along. Nothing wrong with that — in fact, the sight was a testament to CNBLUE’s reach beyond the music crowd. For example, all four members have appeared in hit television dramas, and fans of the band’s actor personas may not necessarily know every track in CNBLUE’s discography. And there’s always a chance that a ticket or two were sold on the CNBLUE’s looks alone. Hey, we know we would have been tempted if we saw these faces on a concert poster.


Perhaps aware of this situation, CNBLUE saved their hit singles for last, winding down the main setlist with angsty chart-toppers, “Intuition,” “Loner,” and “I’m Sorry,” before reappearing for their encore set in glittery Blue Moon tour shirts.


CNBLUE completed the US leg of the Blue Moon Tour in LA last Friday, and will spend this week performing for their enormous fan bases in Mexico, Peru, and Chile. But don’t feel lonely, East Coasters! Stave off the post-concert depression by remembering Minhyuk’s final thoughts before the closing number: “I can’t ever forget this time and place, this city, and you.”

[VCR] Blue Moon World Tour
“Where You Are”
“Get Away”
“One Time”
“Man Like Me”
“Coffee Shop”
“Have a Good Night”
“Wake Up”
“Love Light”
“These Days”
“Y, Why (Korean Ver.)”
“Just Please”
“In My Head (Korean Ver.)”
“I’m Sorry”
[VCR] CNBLUE is Back!
[Encore] “Hey You”
[Encore] “Love Girl”
[Encore] “You Fell for Me”
[Encore] “Try Again, Smile Again (English Ver.)”


Source MTV K

Repost by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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CNBLUE Talks Maroon 5 Comparisons & Defining Their Sound at Debut NYC Show

The Korean rock band say their first solo U.S. show “is much more meaningful for us and for our fans.”


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CNBLUE has all the qualities of your typical K-pop boy band: Charismatic, good-looking and talent in singing, acting, rapping, playing instruments and beyond.

But the quartet is far from a boy band. Most often compared to acts like Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz, CNBLUE — consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Yonghwa, guitarist Jonghyun, drummer Minhyuk and bassist Jungshin — is one of the few Korean rock bands that can compete with the idols on the K-Pop Hot 100. In fact, the guys earned their highest-charting entry yet on the K-Pop chart last February when their single “I’m Sorry” peaked at No. 2, spending five weeks inside the Top 10.

And their fans are just as dedicated as any boy band’s.

For the first time ever, CNBLUE brought its show to the East Coast with a performance at New York’s Best Buy Theater on Jan. 21. While the show was announced in December, no one could have predicted the fierce snowstorm would plague fans waiting in line from early hours of the morning to get the best spot in the general admission pit. The temperature refusing to rise above 14 degrees was a stat not lost on the band.

“We’re really worried about our fans who have been waiting since the wee hours of the morning outside,” Yonghwa, via translator, said to Billboard, the only media CNBLUE agreed to speak with before its New York debut. “We’ve dreamt of playing New York for a long time so we’re glad that it’s finally happening. Especially because it’s our first concert of 2014, we want to really go out, even if we faint, we really just want to give it our all… but even if only one fan came, we still would have done the show.”

And it’s that humble, dedicated mindset that has taken CNBLUE so far in the K-pop scene.

Instead of being discovered by recruiters and trained by an entertainment agency, the members of CNBLUE sharpened their skills playing as street musicians in Japan and South Korea. Since its official 2009 debut, the group has steadily risen to be competitive with top Korean acts.

“Most of the K-pop groups are defined by dancing, showmanship and those kinds of things,” Yonghwa added. “But because we’re a band, we think it’s a great quality that all our performances are done live.”

Their unique qualities have transferred over to the Billboard charts. “Re:BLUE: CNBLUE 4th Mini Album” went to No. 1 on the World Albums chart in February andcharted on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, meaning an entry on the Billboard 200 wasn’t far off. In fact, the guys chalk up their first American solo show to a result of their strong chart showing.

NEXT: “We hope that one day people will say, ‘Oh that sounds like CNBLUE.'”

The Korean rock band say their first solo U.S. show “is much more meaningful for us and for our fans.”

“We think it’s an honor that so many people bought the ‘RE:BLUE’ album,” Jungshin reflected, before adding a message to K-pop fans: “We think [the sales] were one of the biggest factors that created this opportunity to have a world tour and come to America.”

While the show had a 20-minute delay due to letting in fans delayed by weather, the venue soon erupted with screams as the boys casually walked out to their instruments. Kicking off with songs like “Where You Are,” “Get Away” and “One Time,” Jonghyun, Jungshin and Yonghwa (who may have been most amped for this U.S. show, an American flag design decorating his guitar strap) worked the stage and interacted with one another, lots of times turning to Minhyuk on drums when they weren’t singing.

The lively movement plus the superb rave-like lighting arrangements were topped off with CNBLUE’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude that further unfurled as the night went on. The boys kept leaning off the stage and closer to fans in the pit, extra instrumental riffs and harmonies were added on top of the arrangements and Yonghwa even threw guitar picks into the crowd and winked at specific audience members. The guys knew how to rock.

When asked about their thoughts on comparisons to Western acts like Mraz and Maroon 5 — watch Yonghwa perform “Payphone” here — Yonghwa said, “We’re fans of both artists, so it’s an honor that people relate us as artists to them. But we hope that one day we’ll have our own color and our own sound and people will say, ‘Oh, that sounds like CNBLUE.'”

And while they’re recording new music — naming Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon as current inspirations — it doesn’t seem too far into the future that CNBLUE can be considered the shining example for Korean rock’s international expansion a la K-pop’s.

“Last time we were here, it was a joint concert with [fellow Korean rock band and labelmates] FT Island, but this time because it’s our own solo concert; it’s that much more meaningful for us and for our fans,” Minhyuk explained.

Meanwhile, Yonghwa wrapped with a message to said fans: “Thank you for all your love and support throughout all this. We promise to come back and provide strength through our music. Please look forward to what we have in store in 2014 and keep supporting us.”

Article written by for Billboard

Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

CNBLUE in New York! The Start of American Continent World Tour

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CNBLUE in New York!
CNBLUE world tour, the performance in American continent has started. The performances of CNBLUE world tour ‘BLUE MOON’ that is still going on in 2014 continuing from 2013 started off in New York and LA and will continue in Central and South America such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and so on. 8pm on January 21st local time, which marked the start of CNBLUE American continent performance, we invite you guys to a hot live site of New York concert that took place at ‘NYC BEST BUY THEATRE TIME SQUARE’.

naverCNBLUE New York concert hall, BEST BUY THEATRE TIME SQUARE.
Even when there was snow storm warning, there were still lots of fans waiting to make an entrance into standing seats


The concert hall got excited when the leader Jung Yong Hwa showed up~!


The guitarist Lee Jong Hyun who sings passionately after the real concert began!


The passionate playing of drums from the drummer Kang Min Hyuk will begin~


The model vibe even when on the stage? The bassist Lee Jung Shin playing the bass guitar.


The strap that Jung Yong Hwa showed to celebrate the performance in America! Just for the fans, Jung Yong Hwa passionately sang the song ‘empire state of mind’ in which the part ‘New York~New York’ repeats!

naver10The performance that gets more heated up with Lee Jong Hyun’s cool guitar performance!


The drummer Kang Min Hyuk also sang passionately and we are getting into the climax of the performance

naver4Lee Jung Shin is also into playing the bass guitar while getting blue lighting~

naver5Unforgettable stage in which we became one with the passionate crowds in New York~ The next performance will take place in LA on 24th! Please look forward to CNBLUE world tour on January 26th, 28th, 31st that will be held in Mexico, Chile and Peru!

naver6Special bonus pictures for you guys! The picture of CNBLUE at the site busy practicing in the studio the day before the performance in New York


We also specially reveal the picture of CNBLUE at backstage right before going up on the stage!  Let’s meet next time in LA, which CNBLUE world tour ‘BLUE MOON in America’ will take place~





Written and Pictures by FNC Ent via naver

Reposted byTara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded