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CNBLUE Interview CREA January/February 2014 Issue

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They started their band activity from an indie label and the street live, and then they have major debuted.

CNBLUE who made a smash hit in Asia.
The members, we met this fall after their concert, were good young men who have playfulness and gentleness but also are down-to-earth.

Yonghwa: I still remember that time when I go to Shinjuku where is the place we did street live.
Jonghyun: I still can’t believe that we have our concert in a huge venue such as Saitama Super Arena. But our dream is  bigger…

Yonghwa: Bill Board No.1!

Your documentary film “The Story of CNBLUE/NEVER STOP” will be revealed.

Jungshin: Since I had watched the documentary film of Bon Jovi and other celebrities, I’ve got a nervous for filming.

Minhyuk: I wondered what figure should we show for fans. But after I realized that I’ll show my usual life, my feeling was getting easy. I think there are scenes that I played soccer with Jonghyon-hyeong and my room too.

Since Yonghwa appeared the drama ‘You Are Beautiful’, all other members appeared the drama after drama. Now you are said that CNBLUE is necessary for high rating drama.

Yonghwa: The scene that I covered the heroine’s head by a towel in ‘You Are Beautiful’ got a No.1 internet search

in Korea. I really remember that the weird feeling at that time.

Jonghyun: It was when we only have a live at the small live house, but after Yonghwa-hyeong had appeared the drama, the amount of fanclub’s member was growing 5,000 people. Honestly I thought “Is it good for us as a musician?”. But after I appeared in the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’, I realized the acting is interesting. So I thought “Oh okay, I’ll do both” (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I was happy because it made to spread the name CNBLUE and could get new fans.

Jungshin: Since I’ve wanted to appear the drama or movie, I’ve envied Yongwa-hyeong. His acting was good, it can help to study my acting.

Yonghwa: When ‘You Are Beautiful’, I passed the audition. But now members can choose the drama we want to appear. Even this work gets high mark or not is depends on luck.

Jonghyun: It would be our image, the script that we get has each type. A cool man like a model is for Jungshin, A gentleman is for Minhyuk, and for me, an athlete.

Minhyuk: Because we cannot live for 100 years, we’ll do all things what we want. A character is different by each work, there are lots of learning. When ’Acoustic’ that was my first appearing movie, I’ve got a shy and not acted well. I was stumped about acting. Oh, there was the scene that I was hit by Jonghyun-ssi in that movie. Ah, memories!

Jungshin: The scene that Minhyuk drink the yogurt drink at the rooftop in the drama of ‘Heartstrings’. I was impressed about that acting. The drama ‘My Daughter Seo Yeong’ that I appeared in, My role was set my loved mother is not the real mother. Because I can’t have an experience like that in real life, I got upset but it was good for learning to act.

Yonghwa: I’m going to act the scion who lives a secret dual life. I decided to appear this drama because I haven’t acted like this role. The experience feelings of such as the joy or the sorrow in the work as the actor is reflect in our music. This is good for us.

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Source ameblo

Trans by Satomi cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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