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Trans: Mini Magazine 2014 Februar Issue – Interview

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Mini: 5 years have passed after your debut in 2009, finally a documentary film will be released!

Jonghyun: I feel like 5 years are short but we haven’t wasted any time.

Yonghwa: Exactly. But our passion for music, that we really like the music, has not changed.

Jungshin: I feel us growing and I am happy to receive love from our fans.

Minhyuk: I also feel us growing but there are some regrets, I’ll do more my best for the coming 5 years.


Mini: How did you feel about the filming camera always being by your side?

Jungshin: Actually I felt weird at the first, but we were getting close with the director, I missed it when we finished filming (Laugh)


Mini: ‘Doenjang jjigae’ that you made looked delicious!

Jungshin: You can remember if you make it once. I have a good sense of cooking (Triumphantly)

Minhyuk: He makes us Budaejjigae, Ramen or rolled egg. All of these are so delicious.

Jonghyun: But…. 98% of the Korean population make Ramen not also rolled egg. It is only said we don’t make them . (Laugh)

Yonghwa: yes, we can do it if we want.

Jonghyun and Minhyuk: Hmmm, really?

Yonghwa: Actually we can’t. Sorry (Laugh)


Mini: There was the scene that Jonghyun-ssi does mixed martial arts.

Everyone: Wowwww,  yes!! (Talk up a storm about the martial art)

Jonghyun: I pulled a wrestling move on Jungshin in our house (Laugh)

Jungshin: We do it to each other (Laugh)

Jonghyun: Because Jungshin has longer arms and legs than me, he should be good at it! Why aren’t you doing martial arts?


Mini: (Laugh) It stuck out in my mind that Minhyuk-ssi has sobbed to hear the remarks of the media after you debuted in Korea. Were that regretful tears?

Minhyuk: ehhh, I feel ashamed.(Get shy) I think I was like childish to do that.

Yonghwa: Because we were still childish at that time.

Jonghyun: We are used to be told something by the people who don’t know us well, we never get  nervous. We feel sure of ourselves to have lots of Lives, so we don’t care about things said about us.



Because they finished their Live soon, we thought they were tired. But they were more hyper than usual. They said “We are tired!” while laughing and said “long time no see, Mini!” After this interview, they went  to eat Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)

Source: Mini Magazine 2014 Februar Issue

Translated by Satomami @cnboice

Posted by Linda @cnboice


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