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CNBLUE in New York! The Start of American Continent World Tour

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CNBLUE in New York!
CNBLUE world tour, the performance in American continent has started. The performances of CNBLUE world tour ‘BLUE MOON’ that is still going on in 2014 continuing from 2013 started off in New York and LA and will continue in Central and South America such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and so on. 8pm on January 21st local time, which marked the start of CNBLUE American continent performance, we invite you guys to a hot live site of New York concert that took place at ‘NYC BEST BUY THEATRE TIME SQUARE’.

naverCNBLUE New York concert hall, BEST BUY THEATRE TIME SQUARE.
Even when there was snow storm warning, there were still lots of fans waiting to make an entrance into standing seats


The concert hall got excited when the leader Jung Yong Hwa showed up~!


The guitarist Lee Jong Hyun who sings passionately after the real concert began!


The passionate playing of drums from the drummer Kang Min Hyuk will begin~


The model vibe even when on the stage? The bassist Lee Jung Shin playing the bass guitar.


The strap that Jung Yong Hwa showed to celebrate the performance in America! Just for the fans, Jung Yong Hwa passionately sang the song ‘empire state of mind’ in which the part ‘New York~New York’ repeats!

naver10The performance that gets more heated up with Lee Jong Hyun’s cool guitar performance!


The drummer Kang Min Hyuk also sang passionately and we are getting into the climax of the performance

naver4Lee Jung Shin is also into playing the bass guitar while getting blue lighting~

naver5Unforgettable stage in which we became one with the passionate crowds in New York~ The next performance will take place in LA on 24th! Please look forward to CNBLUE world tour on January 26th, 28th, 31st that will be held in Mexico, Chile and Peru!

naver6Special bonus pictures for you guys! The picture of CNBLUE at the site busy practicing in the studio the day before the performance in New York


We also specially reveal the picture of CNBLUE at backstage right before going up on the stage!  Let’s meet next time in LA, which CNBLUE world tour ‘BLUE MOON in America’ will take place~





Written and Pictures by FNC Ent via naver

Reposted byTara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded

Author: tara lee

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