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View and view CNBLUE Best Album Jacket Scetch & Interview Section while Enjoying the Songs

Hello, this is CNBLUE. Had been released In japan,  10 songs of our own composition that we carefully selected and produced it as our best album “PRESENT” that released on November 26. This Best Album is specially prepared to repay the love of the fans. Our Best album that we released this time is our first time so we are more excited, our  own compositions that  released in japan which is you can also directly have it  in Korean . All of CNBLUE member was given task to recoreded all 10 songs in this best album to Korean with all of our heart and soul. Photoshoot spot for Best album cover was released for the first time by Melon.Please also  look forward for our  title song ‘Lady’ video making  that coming out soon~~~

Source CJ E&M



CNBLUE released 10 best songs of their own composition which is they were carefully selected as the best album “PRESENT” in Japan. The official name of  this album that they have specially prepared, they want to repay the love of the fans  is [CNBLUE JAPAN BEST PRESENT]. Best album title song is from 6th Japanese singgle “Lady” which has been released in Japan on July. Jung Yonghwa composed the song with the feeling of modern version of 1970’s disco sound style. CNBLUE raised as 2nd ranked on oricon daily chart as well as a monthly ringtone chart in Japan, they received so much love and ranked first. Not just the title song, all of the Korean version of the songs was the first to open to the public.


One More Time – 씨엔블루

Lady – 씨엔블루

Blind love – 씨엔블루

Robot – 씨엔블루

Time Is Over – 씨엔블루

Come On – 씨엔블루

Let Me Know – 씨엔블루

I Can`t Believe – 씨엔블루

Greedy Man – 씨엔블루

My Miracle – 씨엔블루


CNBLUE interview

Q :CNBLUE’s Japanese best album [PRESENT] is released in 26th. Can you introduce the album?

A :

YONGHWA :This album contain 10 best selected of our own composition songs in Japan until now. ‘Lady’ and ‘One More Time’  are two songs from our most recent album that is also included in this album.

Jungshin : That’s why the album title is “present” or a gift. All of the fans please give a lot of expectation for it. When I am thinking of giving this present before 2013 end, I do feel excited. So please anticipated !

Jonghyun : Particularly, fan is half of the reason in  this Japanese best album which they also have a role in our own composition songs . In this album, you will hear 6th of Yonghwa  hyung songs, and 4 songs that I write my self.

Minhyuk : As well as the fans has been waiting for us in Korea, currently we’ve been in Japan to introduce our music. Please give a lot of attention to it.



YONGHWA: Well. Even though there is no special episode in the song, I remember well about One More Time video shooting. I was shooting a scene in a rooftop and then the rain falls also the wind blew so much. Eventually, the director keep going the filming in that state, memory from filming in the rain.

JONGHYUN: ‘Blind Love’ . That is a song that released in Japan because I want to try to put a lot of the emotional feeling that Japanese people have.  We are seem similar but there is still a differences. That’s how the lyric is special.

So at first , I wrote the lyrics with the material which is Japanese people like “cherry blossom” but the response is bad. Songs about “cherry blossom” is too common in japan. Because I  asked my Japanese friend, I asked every staff, I saw and the response was the same. So I erased everything about cherry blossom in the lyrics. In korea, I also try to put “cherry blossom” but that word is pretty much pronounced so Ichanged it.

JUNGSHIN : I personally don’t have my own composition song but ‘ROBOT’ is come to my mind. Event though I love the song itself, but the music video filming is really make you remember in particular. Raelly looks like robot (laugh)

MINHYUK : Speaking of the songs in this album, the music video is pretty. So you should make a time to take a look at it.

Q: what kind of song is the title song “lady” about?


Yonghwa : This  title song is our 6th Japanese single. My own composition which is the modern style of1970’s disco sound-like song. In Korea, I think it’s not the style that we could ever shown, which can enjoy gently music. Please give mea lot of love in the year end party (laugh)

Jonghyun : In Japan, we already did our Zepp tour with ‘Lady’ album title,with this song we have a  special exciting live music performance. This is my favorite song!

Jungshin : While doing activity in Korea, the feel is such a new feeling from before. This song is obviously discovered another side of feeling?

Minhyuk : The lyrics are funny. Starightforwardly and simple man smell-like song.

Q: any other song you want to recomended in this album?


Yonghwa : There is a lot of good song, but ‘Greedy Man’ is an accoustic guitar song that has  gently sounds. And this track  is also have a good response. Korean fans please love this song too.

Jonghyun :Um. Can I include “Blind Love”? Take noticed that it was my song project, my self  seem statisfied and the reaction was also good. Is it not it? (laugh)

Jungshin :: ‘Time Is Over’!! It’s awesome even if we listen to it in concert. You should hear it live at concert.

Minhyuk : ‘My Miracle’? Jonghyun hyung compose the music and Yonghwa hyung wrote the lyrics. The melody and the lyrics are flowing perfectly. The lyric is really good. Before, I really want  you to hear this song in Korean so I will happily introduce this song to you.

Q: This is an album without album activity. Where will you comeback?

A:Yonghwa : Right now even though I am busy with drama filming but in my spare time I am continue my work in music, just wait for our next song

Jonghyun :Please wait a little bit more because we will come back with  better songs, and with more wonderful style

Jungshin  :World tour is still not finished yet and Japan arena tour is also still remain and also until end of the year we will held family concert in Japan. So we are currently focusing on remaining our tour concert

Minhyuk : Although there is not activity until our comeback, we want you guys to kept love our music.


Special story :exclusif CNBLUE ALBUM JACKET FILMING


Flower boys CNBLUE, who is the lucky person who will get that flowers?


What is the flower which fit to Jung Yonghwa? After contemplating for a while about the flower of band’s vocal in charge a lily is finally given to him. Somehow he looks caring and affectionate  and somehow he seems like wanna tell you something. With Jung Yonghwa, the lily doesn’t  shine as always. I wonder why I feel sorry towards the lily(laugh)


I am taking the rest time in the middle of drama filming for photo shoot. Jung Yonghwa, the autumn like-guy. With just a simple gray T-shirt with burberry coat in the atmosphere which just Jung Yonghwa who has the ability to control. There will be a time when the rain come with bright sunny  unlike the atmosphere on that day set story.


Even the photo shoot was not always using  guitar for guitarist Lee Jonghyun. This time, he was holding the flower instead his guitar till the rest of the photo shoot. White carnations and beige shirt goes well with his white skin.


The romantic  Kang Minhyuk with his Ivory cardigan and baby pink flower bouquet. CNBLUE’s youngest line respectable man reborn-like feeling. Photo shoot with a pro attitude, Minhyuk’s received a lot of praised from the staff. Staff are always pleasant with such a good manner.


For Jungshin, he got the cute Welsikogi instead of the spirit of  flower . He took a photo shoot while hugging, and patting the little puppy. But who is Jungshin’s love actually? After the shoot, Jungshin  thanking the puppy for the effort, Jungshin was aproached the puppy quietly  again and again until the puppy barking and shocked everyone. Then he was just simply giving thank for hard work greeting. (tears)vv_131125_07

Flower, and the four man that more beautiful than flower. The jacket album photoshoot news! How was this review? Released on november 26th 2013, more beutiful than flower, CNBLUE. Please listen CNBLUE Japan Best Album [PRESENT] and give a lot of love for us!

vv_131125_08_01 (1)

Source Melon

Trans by Ullyiz @cnboice

Edited and Posted byTara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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