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“Te Amo” New Year’s greetings from CNBlUE from Mexico

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CNBLUE, “Mexico, Te Amo!”
What happened in Mexico City? CNBLUE’s exclusive concert made 5000 people go wild! Latin America World Tour’s first destination Mexico’s wild site
Hello. This is CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa.
Are you enjoying your holiday~? Happy New Year and I hope your 2014 will be filled with happiness. CNBLUE is spending the holiday with the Latin America Would Tour. The first performance of the tour started in Mexico few days ago. We’d like to share our first visit in Mexico with you!
We have been to Chile last year for a music show once, but this was first time in Mexico for us. A lot of fans welcomed and moved us at the airport of Mexico City!

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bmmexico11We were exhausted because we traveled to Mexico right after our concerts in New York and LA but when we me saw all the fans yelling out ‘CNBLUE’ as we stepped on the Mexico City, we were so moved and happy.

bmmexico1As usual, we have an interview with the media of the location before the concert. The members are parodying the interview~ hahaha. Jung Shin and I are interviewing Min Hyuk. What do you think? Do we look professional~?

bmmexico2This photo is taken during the interview with a Mexican media. We are in the middle of the interview with the greetings; ‘Hola~’, ‘Hola Mexico’, ‘Somos CNBLUE’.

bmmexicoThese are photos of us rehearsing full heartedly. Starting with concentrated bassist, Lee Jung Shin!

bmmexico3Drummer Kang Min Hyuk is in a concentrating mode too~. We take our rehearsal very seriously and that’s why we can feel the seriousness from their faces.

bmmexico4Guitarist Jong Hyun is checking the sounds, too.

bmmexico12This is me drinking water~. I remember feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time by the thought that the place will be filled by the 5000 audiences. We had heard that the tickets were sold out early, so we were really excited for the concert.

bmmexico10On the outside of the ‘Pepsi Center WTC’ in Mexico City, hundreds of fans were waiting for the concert in a line since the day before the concert.. 

bmmexico5Ta da~ Our concert started. I practiced Spanish for the concert in Mexico. I wanted to communicate with the Mexican fans more~. I was so delighted when the fans responded in excitement to my performance of a song with the lyrics ‘Mexico, te amo’. I felt really great that I was able to speak to the fans in Spanish and make them feel even more excited.

bmmexico6Thanks to the passionate Mexican audience, I was able to pour my heart and energy out passionately on the stage happily. The members of our group were also absorbed in the music, the show and the cheer.bmmexico7


Thanks to the passionate Mexican audience, I was able to pour my heart and energy out passionately on the stage happily. The members of our group were also absorbed in the music, the show and the cheer.

bmmexico7With the light and cheer pouring upon us, guitarist Lee Jong Hyun playing guitar,

bmmexico8Performing a fascinating drum, drummer Kang Min Hyuk~

bmmexico9And the bassist Lee Jung shin, playing bass as he communicates with the audience. We all were very amused how there are so many fans on the other side of the planet who love CNBLUE’s music. We were very grateful and the concert was unforgettable. Impressively passionate audiences in Mexico, we love you and thank you so much! ‘Mexico, te amo!’
We are going to continue with the enthusiasm and energy and finish our concert in San Tiago, Chile on the 31st and head back to Korea~.
Happy New Year!!

Writer : Jung Yong Hwa
Photos : FNC Entertainment

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