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CNBLUE Arena Tour 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’

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CNBLUE began their 2nd Japan Arena Tour ‘ONE MORE TIME’ at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on November 1st, 2013 and have completed the journey at Marine Messe Fukuoka in Fukuoka on December 26th. CNBLUE ARENA TOUR 2013 ‘ONE MORE TIME’ in Fukuoka, we are inviting you guys to the site of their hot last performance!

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OMT1From the leader Jung Yong Hwa, who shines even with the white t-shirt alone. So into playing the guitar~

OMT2Lee Jong Hyun, who gives off a vibe of a model on the stage!

OMT3Power up even for the last performance! The drummer Kang Min Hyuk, who does not get tired

OMT11Lee Jung Shin is also into playing the bass guitar while getting cool spotlights~

OMT12Jung Yong Hwa, who always listens closely to the audience while playing,“I also want to hear the voice of the fans!”

OMT13The entire stage, A leader Jung Yong Hwa appears on a big electronic display in black color~ It has some cool feeling!

OMT14The heat at the concert site is getting hotter~ Fukuoka Arena in which blue waves are magnificent

OMT7Blue lighting and a green laser, It is the picture of the performance hall seen from the sideways in which the lights from the fans shines mystically

OMT6The cool leader Jung Yong Hwa, who sings while playing the guitar “Are you guys having fun~?”

OMT5Lee Jong Hyun’s charismatic look, who is so into playing~

OMT4“Yes, We are also enjoying the performance” Kang Min Hyuk, who is smiling brightly

OMT8Lee Jung Shin, who plays a cool bass guitar. Him playing with excitement is shining!

OMT9One two three, scream~~! Giving off energy on the stage, and is interacting with the audience.

OMT10Lee Jong Hyun also sings a verse while interacting with the fans~

OMT15Kang Min Hyuk, who sings while passionately playing the drum~

OMTIt is an unforgettable sight which highlighted the last performance in a brilliant way.


Written and Photo by FNC Ent via naver

Repost by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded


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