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[STARCAST] CNBLUE, Love for the Fans also ‘Can’t Stop’

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Hello, this is Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE.
CNBLUE finished 2013~2014 world tour and made a comeback with a new song ‘Can’t Stop’. This album was much harder as we wanted to try new things in terms of music and we also did some serious thinking. Since CNBLUE exclusive comeback show was an all-live performance for the first time of all the new songs, which came out after lots of serious thinking, so it was an anticipated performance but also the one we felt burdened about. We were thinking about what else we can give to the fans who came to see our performance on this day other than ‘Really good music’, the members and I decided to prepare a small gift for the fans.

Our comeback show that was aired was 70 minutes but the actual time of recording was over 15 hours. We were really worried that the lots of fans who came to see us might get tired with the shooting that continued for a long time until the late dawn…
Since it is a comeback in Korea in 1 year, we always felt sorry for the fans in Korea. Activities in Korea decreased as we were focusing on overseas activities while doing the world tour, but we think we still had the feeling of burden in the corner of our minds about activities in Korea. We did lots of serious thinking while preparing for this album and it is an album we produced with most effort so we are nervous about how they will listen to it. Lots of thoughts pass through our heads even when we were preparing water for the fans
It could not be compared to the love and effort that fans send us, but it is a small devotion that we prepared with our minds, hoping that it conveys what is on our minds.

I am really nervous about this comeback as if the debut is just around the corner. ‘Can’t Stop’ is the second self-written title song after ‘I’m Sorry’ and when we think that it is a performance in which we reveal the new album to everyone for the first time… we are looking forward and also excited. 
The members must have been thinking the same thing. While doing this world tour, we met the fans around the world and felt responsibility and were able to feel the minds we had when we just made a debut. We also talked a lot about CNBLUE’s path in music and identity. With the thought of seeing the fans in a long time, and also since it is the shooting site of exclusive comeback show, I could really feel that it is our comeback and lots of thoughts passed through my head.
Lee Jung Shin : I always received something from the fans but thinking that we will give the mind even though it might be small ourselves, I feel sorry and grateful. We have been restlessly holding overseas activities but there were not that many activities in Korea and I think that is why I feel that way even more, and as we took lots of efforts into preparing, let’s burn everything with cool performances!
Lee Jong Hyun : If it is for the fans!! I think wrapping and preparing the gift is far from me but when I think that the fans who are waiting for us and always supporting us will be happy, this is also fun~?
Kang Min Hyuk : World tour, shooting for the album cover, practice… I have been so busy with schedules but it seems like that now I am realizing it is comeback. When I think about letting the fans listen to new songs on the stage, I am excited~?
Ta, da~ We have finished preparing a meal box and water for the fans who will enjoy CNBLUE comeback show that will continue until dawn all they want.

Now that we prepared to meet the fans, it felt like as if it is right before the concert performance. The only difference could be that it is not a 2 hour concert, but a long~ concert that will go on for 15 hours, right~?
The waiting room 1 minute before going up on the stage.
Check the camera script for one last time!
Finished memorizing recording cue sheet also! It went in an order of Cold Love- Sleepless Night- Love is- I Am A Loner/ Coffee shop/ I’m sorry- Like A Child – Diamond Girl- Can’t Stop, but because it is the order of recording, it can differ with the order in which it is aired on TV^^
The instruments that we will use on the comeback show performance also finished lining up in front of the waiting room. Now then, should we go up to the stage in which the fans are waiting~?

CNBLUE all-live comeback show, begins right now

We greeted the fans while making an eye contact with the fans as we are so nice to meet them. Thank you for waiting us for a long time. I hope lots of people enjoy and become happy today with our music.
Our opinions were reflected a lot in this comeback show, and with the warm consideration from the producing staff members such as producing director Hwang In Young and the author Park Mi Na, we prepared while sharing opinions through a phone call even during the world tour. To make the performance that is most like CNBLUE, we could not take our eyes off the monitor after every performance is over even at the shooting site.

Jong Hyun is also diligently watching the performance video filmed using a video camera~

We will put effort into every song and will try making CNBLUE’s own cool performances.
Fighting with the members at the waiting room for a next performance! Since we have been doing lots of serious thinking and have been preparing for a long time, CNBLUE is ‘Can’t Stop’ to show the best possible performance.

This activity is a comeback in Korea after finishing the world tour ‘Blue Moon’ that went from 2013 to 2014, and we think it will be an activity that will serve as a huge transition point as we get to present new music. People can find it hard but we wanted to try new things in terms of music so we paid attention to what kind of songs we will have in the album to detailed parts such as the directing. We chose 6 songs out of 20 songs and listed them on the album ‘Can’t Stop’ and not only the title song ‘Can’t Stop’, to ‘Cold Love’, ‘Love is’, ‘Like A Child’ and ‘Diamond Girl’… We hope that lots of people agree and become happy after listening to our song.

Bonus~ Revealing of CNBLUE’s practice room video!

Written by: CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa
Pictures: FNC Entertainment
Reposted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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