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Why CNBLUE Changed Their Musical Color?

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Why CNBLUE changed their musically color?


CNBLUE had done their change successfully. Behind this change, there are the reasons that mannerism and their distress.


Their new album’s title song “Can’t Stop” goes the way up the top levels in music chart. It’s a rare occasion in this category. Yonghwa said one of the reasons for their risky challenges is his slump.

He confessed to OSEN:  From at the point, my musical style what I have done was become stereotyped, There was the period that I could compose only similar songs and it was suffer me psychologically. This time I was trying to compose a song with the feeling what I feel now, not by constraint.

I composed “Can’t Stop” while imagine us who are on stage. I think this song will show lots of our figure. I used to play piano when our concert, but it’s a first time to show it on comeback show or music program.

I want fans to listen this song on our concert soon. When I imagine it, my feeling filled with happiness. It’s best if lots of people share my song and feel the happiness. Being happy when listen to my song is my pleasure rather than “this is a good song , so accept it!”

Source naver

Trans by Satomi @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @cnboice/bpb decoded



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