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FNC Kingdom First Day by Excite music

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[FNC KINGDOM] First day report


The music festival [2013 FNC KINGDOM IN JAPAN~Fantastic & Crazy~] that was held under the auspices of FNC Entertainment was started on March 15th at Nippon Budokan. This is a first try to gather the concert FNC artist  at once, The first day is called Fantastic Day and second day is being called Crazy Days. The set list will be changed in each day.

The first day was started by FTISLAND who is the first artist in FNC. This festival was scheduled to be carried out at the end of last year, but because of Hongki’s injury, it was postponed to March. Hongki said “I am so sorry about that. But I’m happy to have our family concert in Budokan. Already three years passed after we had our concert in Budokan first. Don’t you think we are grown up cool guys?” This is a return to concert as a FTISLAND that fans and themselves have been waiting for.

And then Juniel, she is a cute solo singer who has a sweet voice, AOA that has both faces of the sexy dance group and band, N. Flying that is aiming to debut in Japan also appeared.

In additional, Lee donggun appeared on stage as a singer for the first time in 5 years. Also attended TWO SONG PLACE that is the group formed by Song eunyi and Song seunghyun. They premiered their song ‘Age-height’ with AOA as a back dancer.

CNBLUE had an honor of the closing of this first day. They are busy with their comeback in Korea, but Jonghyun said “We are so busy now but happy to attend this festival. I want to give our heart back to fans in good music”.  Yonghwa said “ I am happy to heve a concert with FNC artist. FNC became big. I really thanked to FTISLAND they cut own way by themselves”  They performed ‘can’t stop’

In the encore, all artists were on a stage and sang ‘Try again, Smile again’

Source Excite Music

Trans Satomi @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded

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