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CNBLUE Crazy For Asian Star Magazine

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They was just started to run

June 2009, in a country across the blue sky, 4 young men arrived in Tokyo from South Korea. They learnt many kinds of music in Japan and grown up well. They brought musical instruments & amplifier everyday, stood & sang in front of some audience, did performance at a small live house. They want their music will acceptable by facing the uneasiness and belief it desperately.

Want to deliver a good music

CN Blue, awaked for a pure rock band from the bottom. In 2013, this Korea’s band started their 1st world tour. Such as Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur & another country in the world to captive their fans. They also performed the greatest summer fest in Japan, Summer Super Sonic 2013 for band opening of another famous band. At this time they play in some dramas or another activity, they want to win the match of their real life, that’s why they’re going to continue their music.

This film had shown the details borderless documentary of CNBLUE! Such as image of their hard world tour around the world, boarding house in Seoul where the first time camera started to live with them, and also their private life. Furthermore, they show their secret performance on their live house in Shibuya that became their starting point. Their partner on Indies time before, image about their past, present and future of 4 men hitting passion was captured!

The director is a writer scene of Korea’s documentary film, Jun Yong Seung who has worked in Japan over than 20 years, worked for “NHK Special” and “Jounetsu Tairiku” , and won many awards. Face each other character with sincerity based on sincerity, will he set CNBLUE unedited expression aside?


April 2013, Taiwan
Member of CNBLUE, at their first BLUEMOON’s stage. After few days later, camera on to captured band and deep quarter of relation, and shoot appearance of the member who ever performed in Tokyo. In 2009, on their debuts, they made up their mind to learn about the root of band culture in Japan, and they done it in Tokyo.

They miss and want to come back days by days when they performed in Girder Bridge at Shinjuku or coffee shop at Shibuya, even nobody watched them.

At that time, the owner of a small live house where they performed before, musicians who coaching them, producer on interview responsibility, on uneasy days without any proof of their success, appearance of the four youth men who concern on music is rising up. 2013, besides World Tour, in Japan they perform at ROCK IN JAPAN FEST 2013, SUMMER SONIC 2013, but to stay at a big stage like this was still on their dream

Camera was also drawn near their private. Their life at mansion in Seoul was able to take a peek at each person. Lee Jung Shin treated the member by cooking. Lee Jong Hyun who known as martial artist, at time he forget the music and immersing his self on taekwondo. Leader Jung Yong Hwa who worked on composing, bend his mind on production ….at studio.

And then, Yong Hwa acted in “He’s beautiful”, other member active as actor too. While spending their busy days, they also approach their best part of world tour.

Jung Yong Hwa


Initial Q & A

* What is happy for you?
Happy is when composing and everything about music.

*What will make you happy?
If I get love from our fans

Q: What did you feel when they offered you this documentary film?

YH: I felt shy when heard it. There are so many bands who have a documentary film like ours. But because we have seen their backstage life, I feel honor about it.

JH: I have DVD about other foreign band, and I thing it is very amazing. That kinds of shoots are about us, it is amazing and too early, isn’t it? (Laughing)

JS: We watched some big bands such as Bon Jovi or other famous band. But when I will take it, firstly I felt a little pressure of what kinds of appearance I have to show. By showing our daily life, we want the people who watch it feel comfort naturally, then we did it comfort.

MH: I also worried will I do it well, then I thought it simple. Therefore, I think to take a better appearance.

Q: What do you feel when your film to be shown in front of your fans?

JH: If they are happy because watching our film, it will be our pleasure. And then the most interesting if in the future I can show it to our children and tell “this is your father”. NEVER STOP I think not only interesting thing from you who watched it, but also shows youth men’s life style.

Q: The differences with another TV’s documentary program is behind the scenes, unedited scenes, and also when you do not want to be shouted in the middle of the filming, do you have the most impressive episodes?

YH: Shooting at home, because there was some edited scenes at first. Such as when Jung Shin cooked….Firstly I felt worry because the camera around us all day along. We felt a burden at that time, but after a while it becomes a familiar to be with camera. I cooked with Jung Shin, but he did it naturally.

MH: Wait, you didn’t aware the camera? As usual, even we talk each other, you loquacity randomly. (Laughing)

JS: But I do it, always…

MH: When I played Soccer Game with Jong Hyun san was captured too. Very good…

JH: I felt a trouble when camera came at first too. But when it done, I felt lonely and immediately thought, is it over? Yeah, people always like that (Laughing).

Lee Jong Hyun


Initial Q & A

L of Lee Jong Hyun: Lucky

What was your lucky event?

I think my luck is good since I was born. If I look around me, may be nobody luckier than me (Laughing). Even I only worked together, but I still can play the music I want, can’t I? I think I got more spirit ‘till this time, but I didn’t think to become like that. That’s why I feel lucky since was born.

Q: Do you really cook your meal by your selves?

JS: Yes. I always do it.

JH: No…no. Only sometimes.

Q: Your friendship condition is showed too, I thought you want your fans to see it, right?

JH: Yes. Our friendship is the basic…

MH: I rather think that don’t to show that kinds of scene.

JS: Because I am actor, I just act… (laughing)

MH: At the beginning, I worried enough about will it be good if we take that part, but when we become familiar and comfort about it, we will show that scene.

Q : What is the secret of your friendship?

JH : Ignoring each other…(Laughing)

JS : They teach me well without seeing on my age as the younger member. That’s why I love them like my family.

Q : When rehearsal, there is a scene that said “Please stop to shoot”, did you feel nervous at that time?

JH : Yes. We were nervous enough at that time. Of course only that gesture we can tell.

YH : When rehearsal, I went out because of nervousness.

Q : This is the 1st world tour film of Korean Band that ever been showed. How about your impressions?

YH : I feel happy because we could held our 1st Solo World Tour not only at some countries we ever gone, but also some countries that we 1st time come. I felt wonder because I don’t know about request from our fans in Korea and other country. If you watch on YouTube? We impressed when we went to some country, even they do not know our language, but they can memorize our lyrics well.

JH : We concern to our world tour, in this film was too much untold part and also some parts I want to watch. In the middle of the tour, there were some moments we did not want to be taken (Laughing). It is a natural, right?

MH : We don’t know when it take, but after finished and saw it….it will recede in people’s memory because after watch it I think they will get a new feeling. Especially in our world tour, not only remember us in their memories & eyes, but it was very good for leaving an image. We are glad because in our ages, we are the 1st Korean Band who makes a documentary film.



Initial Q & A

K of KANG MIN HYUK : Kindness

What kinds of member’s kindness do you feel?

Because we always live together, kindness is grown by itself in our life. In living together, we take care of each other; think of each other, live happily without any fighting.

Q : Did you think 4 years is a short time?

YH : Yes. 4 years is too short.

JS : Because we pass all of our activities along this time, we think to enjoy our habits while continuing it.

Q : From indie to major, is there any change do you feel?

YH : Nothing special changed. Maybe the special one is being perform on TV…besides that no change on previous, we are going to complete our imperfect point and continue it with more and more efforts.

JH : The change is we will be busier…(laughing)

JS : And being more handsome…? Sorry..(laughing).

Q : The time when you performed in a road in Japan till this 4 years, till World tour. Do you think the dream comes true?

MH : Get a role on drama and do other activities, but for me the great time is standing on the stage. And this tour becomes a true story.

JH : This is our big dream, but this is not the ending….

Q : What is your dream?

YH : Become no.1 in Billboard! Dream must be great.

Q : Living as musician such as recording, and performing on TV, alive on that conditions, what does CNBlue think about that?

MH : Standing on the stage is the greatest time. We always do what we want to do, but if remember to stand on the stage, I want to be alive.

MH : We had hard things when preparing our live performance, also some troubles on it, and spend the nerve, then when stress is gathered, I will remember the happiness when I stand on the stage.

JH : Each artist has different mind, and because there are many kinds of people in the world, if want to release our CD or we will perform . Of course we want you to listen on it and say “Listen on it”.

YH : Besides that alive and we feel to be new one. Not only think like that, we also should become familiar with the new habit.

Lee Jungshin


L of LEE JUNG SHIN : Latest

What about the latest recently news about you?

Previously, I was going to take study on camera, but it couldn’t do because of CNBlue’s activities, then I just begin to do it again recently. I took some of member’s pictures along the tour. Then when I have a chance to take it then makes a photo album, and if I show it to our fans, it will be interesting, right? Therefore I should do it harder. Please wait!!

Q : All of you played on drama too, fans in Japan give the response for you as actor too, how do you do both of them?

YH: Having more experience is good. There are musician who only play on the music, but we don’t think like that, we will be glad if we can deliver many kinds of expression such as happines or sadness. Life is only once. We will still reflection the music.

MH: Even can’t live 100 years, but if you can’t do what you want to do…..
Q: This film is documentary one, how if co-starring the film, whom and what kind of role and genre you want to make?

MH: Because we are together, no problem about genre or role.

JH: Because we can do everything!

YH: I want do everything.

JS: I want to be a killer… (Laughing)

Q: This film published many live scenes, and never come to the live carry the feeling to feel your live charm. How to enjoy this one?

YH: More than to enjoy this film, we want to you enjoy our music from every way. If you watch and I think you will be interest on it. We will be happy if you think there is a band like that.

Q: Please tell us how to enjoy and watch this film?

MH: You will not only want to watch a part of it, but all of the parts. Please watch on our film, because within 2 hours, you will see the other side of us and clog our thoughts.

Q: Please give us the last message?

MH: NEVER STOP that already packed our appearance till now, but it is very interesting. And we thought it will be more interested if we could make it on a documentary tike that.

JH: We think to make more because we still want to continue.JS: Because we have made it full of spirit, please watch on it. And let’s get closer with us.

YH: Please love “NEVER STOP” more. In 2014, because we will show you more good stage performance and come back on front of you, please support us from now.


Let’s introduce to some of CNBlue’s role as actors



[He’s Beautiful] (SBS 2009)

Is love comedy drama that tells about the effort of a younger sister to change her older brother’s position on an indie band A.N.Jell.
As Kang Shin Woo: Jung Yong Hwa has a role to Watch over beside the heroine quietly, love secretly, and put aside a knight.  Shin Woo’s fond look is better even on a painful love that captive the viewer perfectly.

[You’ve Fallen For Me] (2011) (First Starting)

The story about sweat, tears and beauty of romantic love story of the students who reach their dream for a theatre at Art University.
As Lee Shin: He showed gentlemen side for He’s Beautiful, in this drama he appear a shaked off women, over confidence, and enthusiastic person.

[Mirae’s Choice] (KBS 2013)

While doing the suggested thing from the future’s self, a fantasy loves comedy about new love, job and destiny.
As Park Se Ju: He has a role as an undercover inheritor of plutocrats (Chaebol) who being a new VJ. His shown 2 opposite side of fresh young men who full of charisma and softly. That gap makes women being nervous.

Lee Jong Hyun


[Gentlemen’s Dignity] (SBS 2012)

The last 12 years comeback of Jang Dong Gun. Love comedy about love and friendship of 4 people 40 years who ever been classmate when they was at high school and all of handsome men who cannot be a gentlemen.
As Collin: This is the 1st drama for Jong Hyun. He show a cold glace of a young man who was born in USA and grown up in Japan. In this drama, “the key” is good performance and speak Japanese fluently.


[Acoustic EP 2 – Bread Attack] (2010)

Dream and hope to lead on the music, then brightly show an image of young men who look for love, and also combination charming of his life size who act a good scene of sensibility of music, and leave a deep memory in our mind about boys on music film. Jong Hyun & Min Hyuk appear on the 2nd part “Bread Attack”. Seo Won (Jong Hyun) & Hae Won (Min Hyuk) both of them are members of band rock “Taj Mahal”, but they unaccepted by the listener of the music and kick off from the store. They decide to sell their guitar, but in the middle of his effort to sell the guitar, Hae Won lost it in front of the bakery.
As Seo Won: Jong Hyun has a role to be a young man who only believes in music. This is his 1st performance, but it is not able to think that he act for the 1st time since he express a great feeling.



It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010)

Chae Ryung is a selfish daughter who just spoiled to her father. But when her father getting sick and its conditions make her life is turn down. Moon Chae Woon act as a life-size heroine.

As Hwang Yeon Doo: This is the first challenge for Min Hyuk to co-star a drama. Min Hyuk shows a natural acting as a delivery person of daughter from Toppogi Shop’s owner. His role both of music & acting on the same time.

You’ve Fallen For Me (MBC, 2011)

As Yeo Joon : Make a appearance as an innocent student of department of literary modern. Leading the drama with Jung Yong Hwa and also as a member of a handsome group band “Stupid”, he becomes a famous boy. But in a fact he put no sense of humor and disposition bite mode on the shape, and put a lot of his opposite characters.

Unexpected You (KBS, 2012)

The highest rating drama in Korea that reach 45.3%. A heroine who an unexpected marriage with super perfectionist doctor. Warm family drama that present a battle of daughter-mother in law, love of family.
As Cha Se Gwang : Drip people by catch woman’s feeling not only the old and young one, but in front of the Cha Yoon Hee (Kim Nam Joo) sister, he transformed as a cute younger brother and charmed the audience.

The One Trying to Wear the Crown Withstands the Weight – The Heirs (SBS, 2013)

A delightful romantic-comedy drama that told about love and friendship at a prestigious high school.
As Yoon Chae Young : Role as Lee Bo Na (Kristal – F(x)) and a son of the secretary of Jeguk Group’s Director, Yoon Jae Hoo (Choi Woon Young). In a grownup who soothe a tomboy Bona , express a romantic charm, show off his stable acting skills, and strengthen his position as an actor.


Acoustic, Part. 2 – Bread Attack (2010)

As Hae Woon : Min Hyuk role as Hae Won, member of a poor rock band. He act s a quite type and adult like of man



My Daughter, Seo Young (KBS 2012-2013)

Drama with the highest rating, 49.3%. Seo Young, the eldest daughter who supported her family by changing her father’s duties, focuses in love and married story of twin brother, San Woo, parent & child, family’s conflict& settlement. And then gentle touched the deep love, and polite psychology depiction love & family’s drama.

As Kang Son Je : In the 1st Jung Shin’s debut, he play as the youngest child of chaebol’s family. When he knows that he is obtained by his real mother, and shows the complication feeling.

[Flower & Sword] (KBS 2013)

Is Korean Version of “Romeo & Juliet” that show about tragic love between two conflicted men & women in the middle of brothers which uncontrolling the edge and love that fit well on the sword.

As Shi Woo: full of charismatic person, Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin), daughter of King Young Ryu, the 27th king of Goguryo period. The highest phrase of Assasin Shi Woo’s innocent as endless romantic man, and watch in earnest only on her life

 Scanned by nuromianchaochi

Trans by Nuru Chan @ cnboice

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice/bpb decoded



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