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[#CantStopSG Concert Review] 4 reasons why we ‘Can’t Stop’ loving CNBLUE

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Date: May 10, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

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There were no perfectly synchronized dance moves, no baring of abs, no flamboyance, No outfit change – okay, just one, for the encore performance. But it wasn’t as if Kpop rock quartet CNBLUE needed these. BOICEs (official name of CNBLUE’s fan club) just can’t stop loving them and their music, which was clearly evident throughout the two-hour concert last Saturday (10 May).

Returning for their second full-length concert in Singapore, CNBLUE delivered a charming performance, leaving fans wanting more by the end of it. sussed out four reasons why Singapore fans ‘Can’t Stop’ loving CNBLUE.

CNBLUE stays ‘In My Head’

Making a grand entrance to a roaring 7000-strong audience, CNBLUE strode up the stage via the runway, enjoying every bit of the love that was emanating from the deafening cheers that almost blew the roof off.

As if energised by the cheers, the quartet unleashed solid rock power, heating up the stadium in no time. Opening the concert with ‘Time Is Over’, CNBLUE proved that the yearlong wait was worth it as they got fans grooving wildly in unison.

Without missing a beat, they went on to perform ‘Diamond Girl’, from their latest EP Can’t Stop, to which lead vocalist Yonghwa cheekily sang “Singapore, you are my diamond girl”, much to the delight of the female fans.

CNBLUE hit a home run and kept the energy levels high with a well-selected song list that included many of their catchy hits such as ‘Intuition’, ‘In My Head’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘I’m A Loner’, and their latest title track ‘Can’t Stop’.


Love Is’ – Jonghyun’s vocals

The usually reserved guitarist Jonghyun stole the show with his soulful delivery of ballads such as ‘These Days’ and ‘Teardrops In The Rain’’. Most notably, the former was an exceptionally soulful rendition, tugging at the heartstrings of the crowd.

Jonghyun’s soothing and warm vocals were a breath of refreshing air to the high-octane rock concert. While serenading fans with ‘Love Is’, the stadium transformed into a glittering sea of stars with fans shining orange and yellow lights from their mobile phones.


Yonghwa and Jungshin having fun ‘Like A Child’

Music was complemented with entertainment provided by Yonghwa who played Mr. Congeniality and the mischievous maknae and bassist Jungshin.

While Jungshin broke into random funny banter, Yonghwa showed off his charisma in a reprisal of his “Energizer Bunny” role from the band’s first concert in Singapore last year.

The multi-talented singer who juggles a few hats – singer, composer, producer, actor, just to name a few – engaged BOICEs with his friendly antics. He truly showed that CNBLUE can’t stop loving Singapore as he spontaneously weaved Singapore into the lyrics, even singing “Love love love, everybody crab crab crab (clap clap clap)”, which was an impromptu ‘tribute’ to their favourite local dish chilli crab.

Yonghwa also sent a flying kiss to fans screaming for love, took a cutesy hairband and gamely wore it over his head. He even showed off some not-so-sleek dance moves (A+ for effort) and at one point, dived right into the mosh pit, delighting fans with his fan service.

Yonghwa also displayed musical versatility as he straddled effortlessly from guitar to the keyboard; from high-pitched robust singing, rapping and beatboxing when performing the fast tracks, to crooning in the heartwarming ballads like ‘Try Again Smile Again’.


With ‘Love’, CNBLUE

Choosing to take the stage without a translator, each member tried their best to communicate in English and it was drummer Minhyuk who was the crowd-pleaser, despite being rooted to his drum set at the far end of the stage.

Minhyuk spared no efforts at delivering sweet-nothings to fans whenever he saw the opportunity, displaying his fondness for Singapore and local food in between song sets. In a rather random moment, he laughingly revealed that he liked tofu and “it was really delicious”.

But really, language proved no barrier when it came to the fans, because even though Yonghwa candidly sprouted a few Korean words, like asking fans to scream, or when he   happily remarked that “the atmosphere is awesome”, fans responded with thunderous shrieks of support as if on auto-cue.

Wrapping the concert with cheery songs like ‘Wake Up’, ‘Love Girl’ and ‘Love Light’, CNBLUE was undoubtedly convincing as the epitome of positive rock energy. In the words of Yonghwa, “We hope our music become the light to them (referring to the victims of Korea’s ferry tragedy) and you”.

With a spectacular showing at their second concert in Singapore, we can only hope that CNBLUE make it an annual affair to visit our sunny island for a concert.


Text: Yen Chen For MeRadio

Photos: One Production

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