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Jonghyun and Jungshin at Lavin Sport F/W 2014

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Source of the photos is as tagged.

Compiled by Tara @cnboice

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CNBLUE Radio lyric Romanization and English Trans


遠く空に響くように もっとボリュームを上げていこう 今夜
Tooku Sorani hibikuyouni motto volume wo ageteikou konya
Let’s crank it up to be able to echoed in the distant sky, tonight

You wanna Dance

そうさこの瞬間だって きっと思い出に溶けていくのだろう いつかは
Sousa kono shunkandatte kitto omoideni toketeikunodarou itsukaha
Yes, this moment would be melt in the memories someday

*あの日胸を焦がしたRadio 僕ら繋いだRadio
Anohi munewo kogashita Radio Bokura tsunaida Radio
It burning my heart that day, the radio It connect us, the radio

Yeah やけに熱い記憶を呼び覚ます
Yeah Yakeni atsui kiokuwo yobisamasu
Yeah It brings back my unforgettable memories

二度と消えないRadio 君の涙と笑顔
Nidoto kienai Radio Kimino namidato egao
It never disappear, the radio your tears and smile, the radio

Yeah 今でも夢の続き 終わらない
Yeah Imademo yumeno tsuduki owaranai
Yeah the thread of a dream doesn’t have a end

Tooku kimini todokuyouni kyoumo ano melody wo kuchizusamuyo
I’m singing that melody to be able to reach you, today too

You wanna know

どうか大切なものは全部 色あせて消えていかないで このまま
Douka taisetsuna monoha zenbu iroasete kieteikanaide konomama
Please don’t fade all my loved things away, stay keep here

二人夢を描いたRadio 心重ねたRadio
Futari yumewo egaita Radio kokoro kasaneta Radio
We dreamed, the radio make our feelings same, the radio

Yeah 変わる街の中でも変わらない
Yeah kawaru machino nakademo kawaranai
Yeah It won’t change even in a changing city

永遠を探したRadio 声をからして今も
Eienwo sagashira Radio koewo karashite imamo
Searched for forever, the radio with got hoarse voice, still

Yeah 歌うよ君と僕のこの歌を
Yeah Utauyo kimito bokuno konoutawo
Yeah I’ll sing our song



Video Credit Warner Music Japan

Photo credit CNBLUE Japan

Romanization and English trans by Satomi @CNBOICE

Posted by Tara Lee @ CNBOICE

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Official Pictures of Summer Sonic 2014 on Stage and Backstage!

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Click here to see Jung Yonghwa doing pushups!

Click here to see Lee Jonghyun jamming with Imamura Masaya!

Source: Naver

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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun on Ceci Magazine September 2014 Issue

Act of love are varies. Craving for each other ’till death Chidal Musician like Sid and Nancy. CNBLUE Lee Jong Hyun and Melody Day Chahee sang a love song together. Entitled “Young Love”.


Jonghyun and Melody Day 5


I AM CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun. When people called me that way, it makes me the happiest.

RECENTLY I am doing an Asia Tour ‘2014 CN BLUE LIVE TOUR’: CAN’T STOP . SEOUL . THAILAND . SINGAPORE . HONGKONG . DAEGU . SHANGHAI . BUSAN . GUANGZHOU . TAIWAN . MALAYSIA’s Concert. In a few months, doing concerts every Thursday. Friday. Saturday turned into regular activities. That’s how I lived and not knowingly,  5 years already passed. When there is spare time, I’ll be doing personal activities and rest.

It’s a relieve that we are receiving lots of love THROUGH CNBLUE. As I live as CNBLUE, I don’t feel neither anxiety nor crisis. Our teamwork is the best. We care and respect each other. All of us have a kind personality. We don’t feel that we are “competing” against each other. Our Leader Yong Hwa Hyung’s career is decent. He is a good example for his younger brother instead of leading us. I am the type that’s liable when I earnestly fall into making music. Along with the other members and Kyun Hyung we can match each other well.

LATEST DEEPEST IMPRESSION Project is a couple song. The song, “Young Love”, will be released on August 14 in several sources. A song that is as sweet as first love. The song was lively and has a fluttery feeling, it is a new feeling and a bit challenging.

WITHOUT FILM INSTRUMENT It is extremely awkward to sing without an instrument. Oh right. I am the type whom cannot tolerate well, the limbs curled depends on my favourite emotions.

A CO-ED DUET SONG, YOUR FEELING Isn’t it romantic? I also feel that way sometimes. I think its the same to everyone.

THE COMBINATION OF A MAN WHO PLAYS MUSIC AND A WOMAN WHO SINGS We give inspiration to each other? It is almost the same as covering the feeling between creativeness and people’s preferences. People who do art, tend to have deep feelings. As I think about it, those can rely to each other when they are tired.

WHEN DOING A COLLABORATION looking into work only, I tend to dig what I can do to my limit. Expanding what I can do till now. I love to learn new things.

IF SO I don’t want to think about music as my work only. It’s not an easy thing to do, if I tend to think of work, I will receive stress and release information, it won’t be easy though. Although there are groups who did it that way. Especially I am the type that won’t do something if it is not fun.

NOW I and Minhyuk are looking at production scenarios, Yong Hwa Hyung is scheduled to be applying spurs in a second half and is in preparation process now. Jung Shin is also busy filming the drama “Temptation”. Every day I try to write new songs and to not worry about anything. I am not the one that has time to think more. Through improvisation I will find work fun every time.

Scanned by Heaven Bestow Jonghyun

Trans by Yasmine @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee and Linda @ cnboice

*Note: the translation and scan only Jonghyun’s part

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CNBLUE BPASS Interview September 2014 Issue

BtcFlZSCMAAbwGm.jpg large

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They will release new song that includes the message “Go your believed way! ” on August 20th.

We, B-PASS bring the behind story, their passion for Rock festival in Japan in Summer, and etc.

It’s been a long time since you had gotten an interview by B-PASS last time. Then let’s talk a lot. At first, what does your 8th single ‘Go Your Way’ s concept?

Yonghwa: Because ‘Go Your Way’ as a lead song is so cool song and has a fast tempo during a whole, I think it’s good for Rock festival.

Minhyuk: I hope everybody swing a towel and groove during live (when they sing the song).

Yonghwa: I think a song that has a fast tempo is better for summer, I took care about it when I compose this song.

Everybody: I took care about it… (in Japanese)

It looks like the pronunciation is difficult.  (Laugh) When did you compose  each song (in this album)?

Yonghwa: About ‘Go Your Way’, I composed this song before a release of ‘Can’t Stop’ (around late of February). And I composed ‘Control’ about a year ago. I had tried to add this song to our last album in Korea, but I didn’t (Yonghwa think it didn’t suit with Can’t Stop).

Jonghyun: We had many twists and turns…

Jungshin: As a result, we brought this song to Japan.

Yonghwa: Because of ‘Can’t Stop’ is a mini-album, We couldn’t put many songs.

Jungshin: And ‘Control’ has different atmosphere from the other songs in ‘Can’t Stop’, We saved this song for future. We choose matching these three songs for this time’s single.

Jonghyun: I composed ‘Monster’ recently. I didn’t compose it especially for this time’s single, but I liked this song, I put it in this time’s single.

So, you don’t compose the songs, making a distinction between for Korea and for Japan, do you?

Yonghwa: Basically so. We used to do like that way though. And we added an arrangement to match with the  concept.


Well, let us know about a song one by one. The lead song is ‘Go Your Way’ that was composed by Yonghwa. What image does this song have?

Yonghwa: Everybody might have some stresses. I put the message that overcoming such a thing and ‘ Do what you want’ ‘ Go where you want’.

It repeated the lyric ‘Don’t Stop~’ in the chorus. It makes remember me ‘Can’t Stop’. Do they have some relationship?

Yonghwa: Well… specifically, nothing. (Laugh)

Do you always have something ‘Can’t Stop’ in your heart?

Yonghwa: I noticed that just once you said. Maybe I have.

There is the lyric “ Until I reach there, Go your way”. Where do you want to go?

Yonghwa: It might somewhere that I can’t control myself. I should go ’till I think “oh, that was my happiness” When I look back.

(To the other members) What do you think about this song?

Jungshin: I think this is good for the lead song because we were talking that an up-tempo number is better for it. I thought the fans could groove to this song even as this positive lyric not only the melody. This song would match the image of us.

Jonghyun: The guitar melody in verse is interesting. I wonder how do the fans think about it. The piece is common, but because this chord is the first time to try for me, I enjoyed while the recording.

Are the chord and the playing method created while playing? Or while composing and arranging a song?

Jonghyun: While playing. So, I try several ways of playing sometimes during a recording.

This is the Rock Band way.

Jonghyun: Which reminds me, our songs are…(chuckle) Our slow tempo songs are difficult for us especially a guitar rhythm. I can play easily the rock with quickly tempo songs like this ‘Go Your Way’ catching the momentum, but ‘I’m alone’ is still difficult to play for me even it’s a debut song. (Laugh)

Now you get involved in songwriting more than when on your debut. So, you can make more ‘easy-to-play song for you’, don’t you?

Yonghwa: We could say that. But still now, we get some advices when we work out.

Jonghyun: I used to work by myself, but now I realized that is better and fun to work with members and staffs.

And then ‘Control’ is also composed and wrote by Yonghwa.

Yonghwa: Yes it is. Minhyuk and Jungshin participate in writing  lyric with me.

Minhyuk: oh, I did little… So my name has been uncredited on the album. Yonghwa-hyeong gave me a hint and I tried to write a lyric, but I couldn’t well. After all, Yonghwa-hyeong helped us.

Jungshin: It was a good experience for me.

Even if it’s uncredited, That is the first time to participate to write a lyric ever in Japan, isn’t it?

Jungshin: Yes it is. When we were staying at the hotel, suddenly I have an urge to write a lyric. Yonghwa-hyeong and Jonghyun-hyeong have already written a lyric. But we never had experience of it. So we write a lyric with Yonghwa-hyeong.

Yonghwa: You said that you wanted to write first.

Jungshin: yeah, it was when Yonghwa-hyeong was so busy

Yonghwa: I remembered that you were coming to my room, each of you.

Jungshin: whenever I tried to start writing, I had a hard time to translate it to English because I wrote it in Korean.

In which hotel? Overseas?

Everybody: In Japan.

Jungshin: Was that during Zepp tour?

Yonghwa: It was the end of the year, so it was on Arena tour.

Can you describe how did you write a lyric with three members?

Jungshin: Since it’s difficult to match our idea at a once, so we wrote it to each other roughly. Then Yonghwa-hyeong fixed them up. Because he is a composer. I showed my lyric while saying him my impression from a melody, he checked it in front of me.

Yonghwa: Lying on the bed in Jungshin’s room, we discussed about that.

Jungshin: When collecting our lyric, we used a computer.

Was it Younghwa the one who translate it into English?

Yonghwa: Yes, That’s me.

Which part of this song that striking the most?

Yonghwa: The intro is good.

Jungshin: dadatata tarararara~~~(He sings an intro)

Jonghyun: I had an awful time because of that intro. (Laugh)

This lyric says about self control.

Minhyuk: Yonghwa-hyeong advised us to think about the theme, except ‘Love’

Jungshin: I tried to write a lyric about love, but Yonghwa-hyeong said that he doesn’t want to write it in a common theme. So we had to match our theme for a song..

Minhyuk: At first, I wrote like ‘ Don’t control me, Don’t bother my way’ but I talked about the theme with Jungshin, and Yongwa-hyeong fixed it like ‘ Nobody controls me’.


Let’s talk about this song later. Next we are talking about the song ‘Monster’ which composed by Jonghyun.

Minhyuk: I thought what is “Monster’ when I heard this word. It was impressive.

Jungshin: It has same image between a demo song and finished the song.

So, Is this mean that this song have already finished from the first? Jonghyun-ssi, What is the point of this song?

Jonghyun: Especially the lyric. I wrote this lyric in English because I wanted to make point of view  the world in unique ways. I sometimes write a lyric in Japanese, but it’s different from the conversation and lyric. Because although it has many ways of expressions, and is difficult to use it in Japanese. It’s simple in English. When I heard the melody and have to write lyrics, I tried to sing ‘I’ll take you to the monster~’. That meaning is ‘I’ll take you to the place where there is a monster’. So I got an idea. Do you know that we can hear the word ‘alien’ again and again in the song of Sting ‘Englishman in New York’ ? It’s like ‘I’m alien, I’m stranger in New York’ I thought it’s funny expression, so I wanted to try to write a lyric about ‘monster’. A whole meaning is like ‘I’ll take you the place where there is a monster even if you wouldn’t with me.’ It’s as against the lady who hurt me and it’s one of the puerile intimidation. (Laugh)

Oh, Sting! We feel same vector on you and them with clear melody. By the way, does Jonghyun has your love style like a child?

Jonghyun: No~~, the world of lyric is difficult. I can more expand them, but I dared to want to make this lyric more partial thing on purpose….

Is like this love style not distant?

Jonghyun: No way. (Laugh)  But this is the point for this song

Jonghyun said ‘Puerile’, but we can hear that lyric that has too pure feeling, and it’s so wistful. So I think it’s better to hear that song after translating into Japanese. And then about the playing instrument, drum’s irregular rhythm is a good point to hear.

Minhyuk: Thank you for saying so. Because Jonghyun-hyeong had composed very good song…

Jonghyun: (*Bursting into laughing*)

Minhyuk: I didn’t do anything.

Jonghyun: Since I hadn’t made the detail of the rhythm, I left Minhyuk to play what he wants to play. That is the rhythm that he had made.

A striking guitar rhythm come out in the end of the song. In the part of ‘You You You~’ , I feel like the guitar sings with a vocalist.

Jonghyun: About the guitar melody, I made it worring when it was a demo song. So there are some beliefs in this song.

By the way, We get back to the topic of ‘Control’. You have some songs that showing dilemma that you have faced in an own chest in the lyric like ’Robot’, ‘Don’t Care’ or ‘Wake Up’.

Yonghwa: Exactly. ‘Robot’ is the most notable one, and ‘Time Is Over’ too. I can’t write it if I don’t have such a dilemma.

Because there are lots of lyric that were written in English, we might not realize it. But I think those showing some frustrations and rebellious spirits in the lyric requires courage.

Yonghwa: In fact, I like such as a lyric. Because almost our lead songs are love song recently, I have wanted to write like this time’s lyric. It can help to change our songs atmosphere. But I have written such a lyric, I feel like to make all sorts of complaints. Our hit songs are actually almost love song. (LOL) At the same time, If I would write a song expecting a hit, I feel that is not my song. Actually, I had been like that, but sometimes I re-wrote in another theme. I think the feeling has to catch up to the lyric.

You have lots of songs that have a lyric showing some dilemmas, is this not automatically mean that you have some complaint on a regular basis?

Yonghwa: So I’m trying not to internalize stress, I give vent to it on lyric. (Laugh)

Minhyuk: I think he takes his daily frustration out with writing a lyric.

Jungshin: Actually, if the song that has a firm conviction would released in Korea….

Yonghwa: We could do it. But timing matters. I think it’s about time to do it though…

Since you are already ‘Oppa deul’ in Korea, You could do such a challenge.

Yonghwa: (holding his head) oh, no~~, I’m older~~! I think I was 20 years old until quite recently~~!

Jonghyun: You are already middle of 20’s, aren’t you?

Yonghwa: I’m turning 26 years old in Korean age, and 25 years old in Japanese age.

Jungshin: I’m 24 years old, but I think I’m already older though… (In a small voice)

Yonghwa: We are going to turn 30 years old quickly.

Jonghyun: Yes, It passes by like a flash, Yonghwa-hyeong.

Yonghwa: Let’s take much time next year like we have a time to travel.

Jonghyun: umm, It’s hard for us.

Yonghwa: Really? (Sigh) Now we have actually the time to ‘Go Your Way’

Everybody: hahahaha~~!

Minhyuk: Now then we have the time to ‘Control’.

Yonghwa: We ‘Can Stop’ but not ‘Can’t Stop’

Jungshin: ‘We can stop’ (Laugh)

Jonghyun: We decided our next song will be ‘Can Stop’

Jungshin: Please tell us how to stop~

Yonghwa: ‘We want to know how to way to stop~. Why we live our life too hard and too fast~’

Jonghyun: ‘The age is not everything, don’t care about the public’

Yonghwa: We can compose and write a lyric quickly. (Laugh)

I think because you are aging gracefully, you can get a new chance.

You will have two summer festivals, Summer Sonic and a-nation. This will be hard schedule for you because these two festivals will be held for these 3rd straight days.

Yonghwa: Both of them are 2nd time for us. When the first time, we got very nervous though. This year, we worry another thing. This is that how should we do for knowing us using a short time. In fact, we had some mistakes last year on these festivals. But we are confident doing well this year! We really got nervous last year.

Jungshin: we took too much fighting stance.

Jonghyun: we were flushed with pleasure.

Yonghwa: We did too much. Let’s use our mind this year.


You played in the same time with Linkin Park in last year’s Summer Sonic. And this year, you will play in the same time with Arctic Monkeys.

Yonghwa: I love Arctic Monkeys though!

Jonghyun: (seeing brochure) Queen will participate in the next day! Kasabian and the HIATUS too.

Yonghwa: For musician who play on the same day with us, I want to watch the stage of Superfly.

Since a-nation is an event that lots of Japanese artists will participate in, do your feelings different from usual?

Yonghwa: It is fun to participate in any festival. We used to have too much pressure for knowing CNBLUE. But this year, we want to have fun ourself. Now we talk about a set list.

Jonghyun: We just have fun not worriying any of it.

Yonghwa: I think a festival is like that. Although we have had experience as an Arena Tour, a festival makes us to broaden our view by seeing other stages of other musicians. Please look forward to our stage!


Summer Holiday

The theme is ‘Summer Break’ . They talked us their memories when they were students and their ideal summer break.

Yonghwa: Since there is an important exam for entering university when the last year of high school in Korea, we should study for it a lot. But I lied that I go and study with friends, I went Haeundae with classmate.

We prepared school spirit tee shirts, had fun a lot. That was one of my good memories. It was an unforgettable memory. At the end, we were found by teachers and caught lying.

Were all of youboys?

Yonghwa: I was in the class that was all boys. No girls (Laugh)

Minhyuk: My unforgettable memory is going beach with friends and eating delicious foods. I could only go nearby, so I want to go some distance beach.

Is Minyuk from Seoul?

Yonghwa: He is from Ilsan (adjacent city of Seoul). And Jungshin too.

Jonghyun: Ilsan is near to Seoul.

From your perspective, it might be… (Laugh)

Yonghwa: ohhh, I really want to go Hawaii, Hawaii~ (in rap-ish)

Jungshin: I don’t say Boracay island or Mediterranean sea, but I want to go some beautiful ocean like Okinawa and make great memories.

Jonghyun: I want to go Okinawa too.

Yonghwa: Haven’t you been to Okinawa?

Minhyuk: Never. You went there for your drama shooting.

Yonghwa: You have never been there. Okinawa is great!! The color of the ocean is emerald green! It was very beautiful.

Minhyuk: sounds good

Yonghwa: There is a kind of noodle like Udon in Okinawa, isn’t it?

It is Okinawa Soba

Yonghwa: It is delicious.

Jonghyun: Whenever I eat Udon, it’s same.

Jungshin: I wish I could go to Okinawa


There are some artist who finished their concert tour in Okinawa.

Yonghwa: If we could do that it would be great!

Jonghyun: Concert in Okinawa, Okinawa, Okinawa~

Yonghwa: Don’t you think Okinawa and Cheju are similar? Um, the color of the ocean is different.

Jonghyun: I think because they are close.

Jungshin: How about the plan that we have our concert in Jeju and Japanese fans get to come there with sightseeing in Jeju.

Yonghwa: If Japanese fans would come in Korea, I recommend Haeundae! I want to let fans know there is such a beautiful place in Korea!

Jonghyun: Haeundae is like a Las Vegas in Korea!

Yonghwa: I’m going to say it again, Haeundae is the best in the world!

Jungshin: When we had our concert in Busan, we stayed Yonghwa-hyeong’s home and he took us to Heaundae. Since Haeundae have taken on new dimensions and lots of tourist there, I was surprised about that. But that is the best for the resort.

Yonghwa: I think Haeundae is the landmark of Korea. It is the future city now! (He talks in Busan accent)

Jonghyun: yeah, the future city!

Jungshin: only some area (laugh) some areas are looking like the future city, but rest of Busan is a traditional area.

Jonghyun: Japanese fans should come to Busan and Haeundae if they have a chance.

Which part of Busan was  Jonghyun came from?

Jonghyun: Songdo. The area that has beautiful ocean and nature in Busan

Do you have any memories with that beautiful nature?

Yonghwa: Valley, Valley (*There are lots of mountain-valley in Busan)

Jonghyun: Since there is the ocean in front of my home…

Yonghwa: Speaking of a valley, the leech!

Jungshin: eh? The leech?

Yonghwa: they are in the valley.

Jungshin: That’s Busan…(in a small voice) (*Ilsan is commuter town)

Jonghyun: I used to go diving a lot.

You used to do Judo, didn’t you? You can do both of an athletic sports and an ocean sports.


Jonghyun: Everybody can do it if they live a seaside. Hahaha (say proudly).


Scanned by Kaka @ weibo

Trans by Satomi @CNBOICE

Edited and Posted by Tara Lee @CNBOICE

*Note: Weibo link only available to those who have weibo account

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CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun Feat Melody Day Single “Young Love”


Lee Jong Hyun (CNBLUE) & Melody Day- Young Love

Music: Lee Jonghyun, Eniac

Lyric: TKO, Eniac

Arrangement : Lee Jonghyun, Eniac


사실은 말야.
너만 보면 가슴이 두근거려
마주치면 다 하얗게 지워져
우우우~ 우우우우~
가끔씩 널 마주칠 때면 언제나 짧은 인사만
널 위해서 준비했던 말 난 너무 많은데
뭐가 그렇게 바쁜지 안녕이란 말로
스치고 지나는 너
기다려왔었던 나를 , 이런 나를 왜 몰라.
사실은 말야.
너만 보면 가슴이 두근거려
마주치면 다 하얗게 지워져
바보처럼 난 너에게로 다가가려는 만큼 멀어져.
입 속에서만 맴도는 그 이름
멀어져가는 눈 부신 니 모습
이제는 말하고 싶어.
너를 많이 좋아하고 있단 말야.
어렵게 말을 걸 때마다 너는 어색한 미소만
우연처럼 마주치는 나 혹시 들켜버린 걸까.
왠지 모르지만 자꾸 어긋나는 시선,
무심한듯한 얼굴
오래 전에 쓴 편지는 아직도 가방 한 켠에
사실은 말야.
너만 보면 가슴이 두근거려
마주치면 다 하얗게 지워져
바보처럼 난 너에게로 다가가려는 만큼 멀어져.
입 속에서만 맴도는 그 이름
멀어져 가는 눈 부신 니 모습
이제는 말하고 싶어.
너를 많이 좋아하고 있단 말야.
눈부실 만큼 오늘처럼 햇살이 좋은 날에
혼자서 (혼자서) 그리워하기는 싫어.
사실은 말야.
너만 보면 가슴이 두근거려
마주치면 다 하얗게 지워져
바보처럼 난 너에게로 다가가려는 만큼 멀어져.
입 속에서만 맴도는 그 이름
멀어져 가는 눈 부신 니 모습
이제는 말하고 싶어.
너를 많이 좋아하고 있단 말야.
워우워어어. 널 사랑해.


Sasil eun mariya
Neoman bomyeon gaseumi dugeungeoryo
Majuchimyeon da hayatge jiwojwo
U u u ~ u u u ~

Jonghyun: Gakkeumssik neol majuchil ddaemyeon eonjena jjalbeun insaman
Neol wihaeso junbi haetdeon mal neomu manhneunde

Melody Day: Mwoga geurohge babbeunji annyong iran mallo
Seuchigo jinaneun neo
Gidaryeo wasseotdeon nareul, ireon nareul wae molla

Sasil eun mariya
Neoman bomyeon gaseumi dugeun-georyo
Majuchimyeon da hayatge jiwojwo
Babocheoreom nan neoegero dagagaryeo neun man-kheum meol-eo-jyo

Ib sok-e-seo-man maem-do-neun geu ireum
Meor-eo-jyo-ga-neun nun bu shin ni moseub
i-je-neun malhago sipeo
neo-reul manh-i joha-hago it-dan mar-ya

Jonghyun: eo-ryeob-ge mareun geol ddae mada neo neun eosaekhan misoman
uyeoncheoreom majuchineun na hoksi deul gyeobeorin geolkka

Melody Day: waenji moreujiman jakku eogeut naneun siseon
mushimhan deuthan eolgul
orae jeone sseun pyeonjineun ajikdo gabang han gyeone

Sasil eun mariya
Neoman bomyeon gaseumi dugeungeoryo
Majuchimyeon da hayatge jiwojwo
Babocheoreom nan neoegero dagagaryeo neun man-kheum meol-eo-jyo

Ib sok-e-seo-man maem-do-neun geu ireum
Meor-eo-jyeo ga-neun nun bu shin ni moseub
i-je-neun malhago sipeo
neo-reul manh-i joha-hago it-dan mar-ya

nunbushin mankeum oneul cheoreom haetsal joheun nale
honjaseo (honjaseo) geuriwohagineun sirheo

Sasil eun mariya
Neoman bomyeon gaseumi dugeungeoryo
Majuchimyeon da hayatge jiwojwo
Babocheoreom nan neoegero dagagaryeo neun man-kheum meol-eo-jyo
Ib sok-e-seo-man maem-do-neun geu ireum
Meor-eo-jyeo ga-neun nun bu shin ni moseub
i-je-neun malhago sipeo
neo-reul manh-i joha-hago it-dan mar-ya
wo-u-wo-u. Neol saranghae

Actually, when I see you, my heart pounds
When I face you, everything grows white and erases
Sometimes when I run into you, we only exchange short greetings
But there are so many words I prepared to tell you
I wonder why you’re so busy
You just say hi and quickly pass by
I was waiting for you but why don’t you know?
Actually, when I see you, my heart pounds
When I face you, everything grows white and erases
Like a fool, the closer I try to get to you, the farther we get
The name that only lingers in my mouth
Your dazzling image just gets farther away
I want to tell you now
That I really like you a lot
Every time I difficultly start to talk to you, you only awkwardly smile
I try to run into you like it’s a coincidence, did you notice?
I don’t know why but your eyes keep missing mine
Your face looks indifferent
The letter I wrote long ago is still in my bag
Actually, when I see you, my heart pounds
When I face you, everything grows white and erases
Like a fool, the closer I try to get to you, the farther we get
The name that only lingers in my mouth
Your dazzling image just gets farther away
I want to tell you now
That I really like you a lot
On a dazzling and sunny day like today
I don’t want to long for you alone
Actually, when I see you, my heart pounds
When I face you, everything grows white and erases
Like a fool, the closer I try to get to you, the farther we get
The name that only lingers in my mouth
Your dazzling image just gets farther away
I want to tell you now
That I really like you a lot
I love you

Korean lyric song21

Romanization and English trans by Yasmine @ cnboice

Posted by Tara Lee @ cnboice 



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Yonghwa for Esquire Korea August 2014 Issue

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A woman I knew like Jung Yong Hwa.
A man who was mature in manner and attire. Reason was to stimulate singing skills, a man that has been recognized not only for his singing skills but also look. . .

So, there was no boundary either Jung Yong Hwa sing or act.
Especially he didn’t change in front of his girlfriend
WHO anyone can’t be Jung Yong Hwa

Photographs by: KIM CHAN

If we look at Jung Yonghwa’s appearance a few months ago <RADIO STAR> it leave us with some dipped impact. Jung Yong Hwa appeared as CN Blue Leader along with all members, they were consistently displayed his leadership through words. Seconds before debut, through drama <You’re Beautiful> he received attention and increased his popularity, Jung Yong Hwa went to lead CNBLUE, but recently all the members also not only displaying their singing skills but also their acting skill was gaining recognition, Jung Yong Hwa “share” less than before. Successful dramas which starred Jung Yong Hwa, made main topic to <RADIO STAR> and leading to persistent attack from MC. We don’t know what inside Jung Yong Hwa heart, he gave surprising answers. “I like when everyone succeeded” kind of decent answer or “Because of that I am different” expression of hot handsome young man ambition topped answer.

When he went to the studio, Jung Yong Hwa suffered some lip injury. Recently he is busy filming season Sunday TVN Drama <The Three Musketeers>. <The Three Musketeers> is based on 19th century fiction writer Alexander Dumas < The Three Musketeers>. Unattended Artificial Joseon Dynasty in Gangwondo as background, a man from a poor household went to Seoul, challenger “Park Dal Hyang” and The The Musketeers “Crown Prince So Hyeon” they both escorting ‘Heo Seung Po’ for free , to meet ‘Ahn Min Seo’, Joseon and China to expand elegant to exciting Action Romance plot. That’s for the original D’Artagnan’, in here ‘Park Dal Hyang’. You can say ‘main actor’.

“Yesterday, when I was riding a horse during filming, I got a little bruise.”

It was a wobbling sensation. For Park Dal Hyang role, I grew my hair, got tanned for my skin by staying in the province and also building muscle. That the recipe to be a man. Those marks three times filming <The Three Musketeers>.

“Although it my first time doing historical drama, it was fun.” On variety too, I like doing <Running Man> that requires motion, because there are action made me like it more. My body is not hurt at all. In words I could say, even though I fall from riding a horse, a bit hurt but I am not offended at all.”

After a long time, Jung Yong Hwa chose man oriented production drama <The Three Musketeers>. Predecessor  <Mirae’s Choice>, <You’ve Fallen for Me> etc, are romance oriented, through his previous drama appearance, he casted by variety show <Running Man> and also doing other contest programs.

“Latest teaser video has been shot. It is also the first time for us The Three Musketeers and I gathered in front of camera together. All four of us shot and monitor the scenes, and then we worried for nothing. Later it’ll go well, if someday our thoughts scattered, it is already frown in the beginning though.”
Manly Man Park Dal Hyang.

“The character of D’Artaganan in British drama is a heavy role; Yong Hwa <The Three Musketeers> is bright but in this drama looks like a Rock Star. I hate things like obtaining pride, although there must be some tough adult staff in the corner. In countryside, a kid that placed first will be overflowing with confidence when they came to Seoul. So, I want also want to upgrade when starting The Three Musketeers. I also expect transformation after doing this drama.”

Innocent and funny man is appealing enough to attract viewers. Since I was a kid, I also have a girl that I adore and one sided love romance. Through words, receiving love from public is enough in general; a character who likely to give a gift set might be one of them.

“Sure.” Would have been because of second season, it feels like US drama. But now greed about getting high rating has been tossed out. To tell you the truth, until now it also the first time for drama even before shooting happens to have that kind of thoughts, I pour nerves in this production. Since I was a child I really like the story <The Three Musketeers>. Our <The Three Musketeers> team groups have Katalk Room. Until season 3, not getting hurt and together till the end, that’s our pledge.”

Lee Jin Wook, Yang Dong Geun, rookie Jung Hae In, each of them has their own assumption. Jung Yong Hwa is the maknae. Whereas I have the courage as the leader of CNBLUE, I played the role in silence and performed.

“Now each of other members has their own location. So till now every time I pack my bags my heart relieved. Instead I have to be better than other members. People give interest and we being recognized by many people, I thought about it.”

Twenty six years old, Jung Yong Hwa’s brand and worrisome, slowly making shape.

“However we see celebrity hits there none like actor-celebrity-singer. But if we looked back . . . Short after debut, until last year I cannot forget how I receiving lots of love, that’s increased sort of obsession. But started this year, no tight schedule and I am feeling comfortable with it? My stress level decreasing a lot and starting happy thoughts. Idol feeling started to fade, when I do music I do music, when I do acting I acted.”

Jung Yong Hwa as D’Artagnan, fans giving new nickname Hong Gil Dong and combined it to “Yong Gil Dong”. Rushing in the east, flashing on standing, it looks like busy that much.

“It’s been approximately 5 years after debuting. Really no spare time I want to run away. One day I think to that something while ‘watching a person’s and eggs indeed be great as much’. Even though there are busy filming it is still awkward. Next year, I was thinking of having holiday. In an old time, there is time I was awkwardly ready but bags didn’t appear.”

Among many Hallyu Star, one performer Jung Yong Hwa keeping it simplicity till the end.

“In China I received award for newcomer, I felt happy. When my mom’s friend daughter ask for my autograph? This event might be the happiest among all. Friends like ‘My friend is Jung Yong Hwa’ that kind of proud I like the most.”
Jung Yong Hwa consistently using Busan accent in this interview. Then so this article was recite stitched per stitched.

“Just like Jung Yong Hwa. I hope did this. That boy is really fancy, so what with it? That kind of thoughts point all in terms of . . . That’s how Jung Yong Hwa answered∙∙∙.”

In the rings, Jung Yong Hwa well-toned abs looks like a prince who is full of power.


Trans by Yasmine @ cnboicee

Posted by Linda @cnboicee

Update trans by Tara Lee @cnboicee

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